4 Unique Giveaways for Your Next Conference That the Attendees Will Love


Aside from the networking and learning opportunities, attendees of a conference look forward to getting the freebies that are distributed at the end of the speeches. For event organizers, giveaways are not just a thank you for attending the conference but a well thought out strategy that the attendees will remember the brand’s name.

The usual giveaways that most attendees get in a conference are a pen and a spiral notebook, a key chain,a printed presentation folder a mug or if the event is quite prestigious, then a USB. The problem with these giveaways is that they can be easily displaced, broken or in the case of a spiral notebook, thrown out.

You need to come up with something unique and customised that is more than just a trinket. It needs to be fancy and pretty, which they can display in their house or at work. Companies such as CustomGear make it possible for these brands to customise their freebies, so that along with raising awareness about the brand, they also increase participation and interest in the conference.

Here are four unique ideas for giveaways that are a guarantee your attendees will love:

1.     Unique Food Items in a Designable Jar

The focus here should be more on the jar than the food in it. The key: the jar must be reusable. It can be customised with floral or practical designs and stuffed with something interesting, such as  gummy bears or an exotic blend of coffee. The jar can be repurposed for anything in the house and will remain in sight, even after the conference.

Granted the giveaway will not last for long but it’s a great conversation starter and people will be talking about your brand for years in conferences, whenever they will receive a giveaway.

2.     Reusable Water Bottle

What better way to spread awareness about your brand than a reusable water bottle that has been customised with your brand’s name in bold and stylish letters on it. This giveaway kills two birds with one stone, as it is in line with the “going green” initiative and people will use the water bottles long after they have left the conference. Imagine, if there are 200 attendees, there are high chances that your customised bottle will be seen in a person’s hand, who’s out in the morning for a jog or heading to office.

3.     Moleskin Notebook

A moleskin notebook is a coveted piece of the giveaway that attendees go crazy for. They are better looking than spiral notebooks and they have a unique class. You can get them carved with various designs with your name at the bottom. Onlookers are bound to ask the notebook holder, “Where did you get this from?” and your brand name will be the first word the person will say.

4.     Lapel Pins

With the comeback of bespoke clothing, lapel pins will make a great giveaway. The lapel pin can be of any design, with the logo of the brand on the surface. They are elegant, easily worn and are quite attractive.

These are just a few of the customised ideas that you can use for giveaways. A great way to offer a giveaway that will be remembered is to offer something that resembles your brand.