4 Useful Office Organization Tips for Efficient Work


There may be times when your papers, books and unopened mails piled up like a hill on your desk, stationery like pens are everywhere in the office, and the drawer is cluttered with items. Once you’re trying to find something, it will take a lot of times.

Only a clean and tidy office environment can lay a solid foundation for efficient work. So how to organize the office, especially your desk, and let the details show your professionalism? This post might be helpful to you.

  1. Keep Only Essentials on the Desk

A tidy desktop will let you feel refreshing, and cheerful mood is also one of the prerequisites for efficient work.

Sort out and archive your files, use folders and sticky notes when necessary; Small items such as tape and paper clips can be placed on a large tray; Business cards and invoices should be kept in envelopes; Place different sizes of storage boxes in the drawer.

Also, don’t waste the wall, stick hook on it and you can hang a lot of things.

  1. Type Up a Memo

Human’s energy is limited after all, in the case of constant external interference, to remember all the things, we need the help of tools, and memo is definitely the most practical one, which enables you to: categorize your work and evaluate the specific workload; set priorities to your work and follow it; make plans in advance and allocate your time reasonably.

You can mark the calendar as a memo, or buy a functional notebook to record each of your important tasks. But for office workers who face computers for all day, a detailed work schedule in Excel can be more practical since you can re-edit it anytime and intelligentize it with some useful Microsoft Excel tips and tricks. To better remind yourself, you can also print the spreadsheet out and place it prominently on your desk or on the wall.

  1. Tidy Up the Tangled Wires

Electronics play an important role in the daily work, and there are usually charging cables for phones, IPads, laptops and other items on the desk. All kinds of wires get tangled together, and become a disaster which can accidentally knock over your cup.

For this situation, all we need to do is straightening out the various wires, securing them with hubs, and labeling the devices with sticky notes so that the next time you need to unplug a wire, you won’t lose your head.

  1. Put Things Back in Place

In the process of organization, restoring is an important link.

Always leaving things about? Nowhere to find something you want to use? That’s all because we didn’t put it where it was supposed to be.

If we set a fixed place for each item and put it back in place every time after using, our work efficiency will be significantly improved. Just take a quick look through your desk and drawers at the end of the day.

  1. Make It a habit to Clean Up Regularly

In fact, if you don’t make a habit of regularly cleaning up, your work environment will gradually return to a mess again. Even with folders or boxes, the piles of material will slowly become too much to hold.

Placing valid files in different folders according to the categories is just the first step. You should also learn to throw things, like putting useless papers into the shredder and get rid of dusty debris. Only in this way, your important information can be found in due course.

People who have messy office and desks aren’t usually very productive, the order in the desks and drawers is also a reflection of their brains. Tidiness, the idea that something you want is within reach and easy to use, is more important than the way of placement. If you can maintain a well-organized office environment, you can definitely do better at organizing your work and even daily life as well.