4 Ways to Get Repeat Business


4 Ways to Get Repeat Business

No matter what type of business you have, repeat business is what makes your business easier. When clientele keeps coming back, they become the foundation of your revenue. Obtaining new business is always a good idea; you simply don’t want to build a reputation as a “one and done” type company. A successful business is one in which people keep coming back!

Here are a few tricks of the trade for you to get repeat business:

Affiliate Marketing Helps

If you check reviews of different affiliate marketing programs, like affcelerator reviews, you will see that affiliate marketing can really help draw in money. Affiliate marketers help get your service or product out into the public eye. If you think that affiliate marketing only brings in new business, think again! If the clientele loves your product or service, those people will keep coming back. And the more that people keep coming back, the more effective your affiliate marketing will become.

Follow Up

If you want repeat business, follow up with your clientele after a purchase or service call. You can take it to the personal level by sending a handwritten note in the mail or you can create an email marketing campaign that offers a survey to your clientele. By following up with your clients, they feel important and want to come back to a place where their voices are heard.

For example, one grocery store manager in the southeast took it upon himself to send holiday cards to people who routinely shopped in his store. He got their addresses from checks they had written in the past. Those families that received the cards mentioned that they felt appreciated and important to the business. So much so, they opted to make that the only grocery store they shopped at!

Make them Feel Like a VIP

All our clientele want to feel special, it does not matter what type of business you are in. And the key to keep them coming back is to make them feel like they want to come back. Offering incentives such as a special rewards card holder or creating a VIP newsletter sign up are fantastic to keep it going. Rewards cards have been incredibly successful for many grocery and drug stores. Many small businesses offer punch cards for so many purchases and once the card is filled, there is a discount. The “Go Local” programs across the country are bringing local businesses together so that the Go Local cardholder can get a business for keeping the mom and pop shops alive. Newsletters that include clientele name and are written in a friendly conversational tone will garner more sales than you can imagine. Make them feel like a VIP and you will be rewarded!

Check In

If you notice that some of your business hasn’t come back for another round of service or more product, do a quick personal check in with them. There are a few reasons why a client hasn’t come back, most of which have no reflection on your business. They get busy and haven’t had time for your service or product. They have had a change in income that caused a shift in the budget. Or they simply forgot, which doesn’t make us feel good but indicates that we could improve and get them back. Consumers are so inundated with information and offers that it’s easy to forget about a product or service. Reaching out, possibly offering a special discount to come back, can be a terrific way to put you back in the forefront of their minds.

Many online shops utilize the “we miss you emails” and include discounts of 10% or 15% to bring back customers that were routinely shopping. It’s a subtle way to show importance of the client and to offer a lower rate to accommodate a possible shift of budget, without ever mentioning it!

Getting new clients can be hard, keeping them can be harder. By bringing your personality and love of your business and your clientele to your marketing strategy, it should help solidify your consumer base!