4 Ways new technology is being used in the courier industry


4 Ways that new technology being adopted in the domestic and international courier industry is improving the customer experience and is lowering the cost of providing the services.

1, Route Planning

By planning the most optimal route for delivery, the courier companies are able to reduce the time that it takes their drivers to do their deliveries, reducing their delivery costs.

2, Text and email delivery alerts

As couriers adopt the route planning technology for their vehicles, it has enabled them to accurately predict when each of the days deliveries are expected to be made. As a result they are now sending out text and email information to the receivers of parcels.

They are sending information, confirming that a parcel has been loaded onto a vehicle and is out for delivery that day. They are advising the estimated 1 hour delivery window, that the driver will make the delivery in. This is enabling the client to not have to stay in all day, and just ensure that they are in when the delivery is expected. This is a huge improvement for the client on the previous system of having to wait in the whole day.

3, Real Time Updates

Once a text and email alert is sent, the carriers are also advising the recipient what to do if they are unavailable to be in when the delivery is planned. They are providing options to text back to reschedule the delivery or to advise a safe location where the parcel can be left.

This information is then passed back to the delivery driver and their route automatically amended if one of the planned deliveries is no longer needed.

This again results in a better receiver experience and lowers the number of failed delivery attempts that domestic and  international courier services need to make.

4, Automatic Customs Clearance

If you are now sending a  parcel to India or any other international delivery location, most courier services are submitting customs clearance paperwork whilst goods are in transit. This is enabling many shipments to be cleared by customs prior to arriving in the delivery country. Which means that on landing the shipments that have already cleared customs can go straight out for delivery.

This is improving the transit time for the sender of a shipment and it is also reducing the storage cost for the carrier whilst shipments were previously held awaiting customs clearance.

These are four examples of how modern technology has been adopted by domestic and international courier services to improve their customer service levels and reduce their operational costs. A real win –win situation for both carriers and their clients.  If you are looking for a good courier check out Ask absolutely for all your courier services.