4 Ways Robotic Machine Tending Can Maximize your ROI


Machine tending is one of the oldest applications of robots in industries. However, it’s not the most popular application, either. For most industrial shops, machine tending is done by humans.

The process involves loading raw materials onto a machine and then unloading the finished product once the process is complete. It’s a very repetitive task and quite dangerous too! 

As such, some industries have resorted to machine tending automation for a change.

In this article, we’ll look at four ways robotic machine tending can help your industry maximize your ROI. 

  • Enhanced repeatability

Repeatability is the norm of any manufacturing industry. It’s what most successful and profitable industries in this field have mastered.

The machine tending process is quite tedious. Every worker easily gets bored with the loading and unloading, then restarting the program all over again – this affects their efficiency.

Robotic machine tending helps alleviate this situation. The robots can complete the tending processes faster, more accurately, and with better efficiency.

Repeatability is also associated with a lot of wastage of raw materials and some finished products’ defects. However, machine tending automation minimizes your losses both on sales and on raw materials.

This means an increased production output and more sales for the business. It also significantly increases your Return on investment time.  

  • Increased uptime

When looking to maximize your ROI, you need to have a 24/7 production plan. You can choose two to have two shifts for your workers, but this only increases your labor costs.

Automating your machine tending is the best way to go about this. Although the robots’ cost can be quite high, they have very few downtimes during production, making the perfect workers.

Robots can work 24/7 without the need for regular breaks, sick days, or annual leave days. They can work on weekends and holidays, without supervision and still deliver quality products.

Therefore, you can have a consistent workforce that works even when you’re out of the office. This allows you to meet your market demands while reducing your labor costs. Additionally, the robots can help cut down your energy bills – as they don’t need lights or air conditioning during their operation. 

This plays a key role in ensuring that you achieve your ROI much faster. 

  • Improves your product quality

For any management team, the most important priority of the production is quality. The quality of your finished goods determines how successful the industry will be, how competitive they’ll be, and how fast they can get their ROI.

Robotic machine tending is aimed at ensuring high-quality production for all finished goods.

The precision and accuracy of robots mean that regardless of the volumes in production, the finished goods will be of the same high quality.

Robots help reduce the number of defective products and, if correctly positioned, improve your goods’ quality. They focus on the details and ensure that everything is completed according to its program. 

Improved product quality means that you’ll attract a large market faster and hence gain a faster ROI in return. 

  • Maximize your flexibility

Versatility is the next most crucial aspect of any manufacturing shop. The more versatile your systems and workers are, the faster you’ll get things done, and the better your goods’ quality.

Robotic machine tending allows you to enjoy incredible flexibility in production. Most machine tending robots are compatible with different robot grippers and can be installed to operate on more than one machine at a time. 

They can work on injection molding, loading and unloading materials, welding, milling, and turning, among other processes.  

This flexibility saves you a ton in labor costs, raw material wastage, and production time. It also means faster ROI from your investment.

Final thoughts

Robotic machine tending is one of the best ways to improve your ROI. It allows you to get your production done faster, more efficiently, and with top quality.

However, it is a complex process that needs to be done the right way if you are to enjoy any benefits of this process. So, before rushing to invest in robotic machine tending, ensure you have your facts straight!