4 Ways That You Can Use AI to Your Advantage


Artificial intelligence is not just a feature in sci-fi movies anymore. It’s easily accessible and often used for everyday purposes, like speech recognition software on your phone or spam filters in your email. Find out what types of AI you should be implementing in your small business and why you’ll be satisfied with the decision.

Plan for the Improvement

Implementing AI into your current business strategy could be expensive, especially if you’re hoping to make a long-term commitment. If you don’t have enough cash reserves to cover the expense, you don’t have to change your monthly budget or apply for a grant. You can get fast financial support through First Down Funding to help you cover the expenses for this clever project. You’ll get access to your approved funding within days. So, strike when the iron is hot.

Here are four ways that you can use AI to your advantage:

1. Chatting with Customers

It’s difficult to manage online customer service since people can come onto the website at any time of day and ask a question. You can’t hire people to overlook the website 24/7. But, you can have AI do it for you. Lots of businesses are using chatbots on their websites to engage customers and answer basic questions at all hours.

2. Analyzing Data

There is AI software out there that can track your business’s online presence for you and help you improve your standing in search engine results, website clicks and more. It can automatically comb through your marketing metrics every week and give you reports of your failings and improvements.

3. Researching Your Target Market

AI software can help you determine your target audience, finding out who visits your website and who searches for your products online. It can discover essentials like the average visitor’s age, their location, their gender and whether they committed to a purchase/service or not. These simple factors could make it much easier to understand your brand and reach customers.

It can also let you know if you’re missing out on demographics that you’re hoping to reach. Knowing your blind-spots could help you adapt your marketing strategy and even your inventory.

4. Hitting Those Targets

And, of course, once you understand your audience better, you can use AI to send targeted ads of your business directly to their feeds on social media. Since they’re in your target market, they will be much more likely to stop scrolling and click to learn just a little more about what you have to offer.

People often think of AI as a job threat because it could potentially replace the work that humans do. Look at the list above. These forms of AI are playing roles of customer service representatives, researchers and analysts. But, the demands of these online jobs are often difficult or tedious. And some of them are impossible for a human to complete — like analyzing data for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have staff members. It means that staff members are free to complete more creative, interactive and enjoyable projects. Some tasks are better left to humans, and some are better left to machines.