4 Ways to Ensure Your Customers Adopt Your Software


The difficult part of releasing a new software solution is the process of customer adoption. Your company has spent a lot of money into a new digital concept that’s expected to produce results through increased efficiency and productivity. This leads to happier clients and a competitive advantage for your company. Here are four ways to get your clients to adopt your new software.

1. Turn Your Software into an Event

It can sometimes be hard to get people excited about a new software solution. To help generate buzz for your new product, you should ask your marketing and PR departments to plan an exciting event. The key is to host an event that has your clients excited and have them wanting more. Apple is successful at creating events that generate buzz about their newest technology.

There are many ways to turn a regular event into a engaging and exciting one. Provide real-life scenarios of how this software can improve your clients’ lives. Ask all of your employees to halt work and to attend the event in-person or video conference. You can also invite enterprise leaders to explain how this software will improve people’s lives.

2. Keep This Software on Their Minds

The difference between an effective and ineffective leader is that an effective leader reminds their clients of the benefits of the new software. Repeating these benefits to your target audience in a positive way can allow them to become comfortable with your business and this new product. You want to advertise these benefits as soon as possible and include the benefits for your clients as well as your company. There are several ways that you can keep this software the center of conversation for weeks to come, such as:

  • Host an event that allows clients to receive expert tips and a casual atmosphere that provides a Q&A session.
  • Create a marketing campaign that highlights the key features of this software during the adoption, launch, and ongoing training phases. This campaign should include guides, tutorials, and success stories.
  • Encourage your clients to give feedback about this software in an e-mail, poll, survey, or text message.

3. Make those Results Achievable

Increase your client’s excitement about this new software by bragging about its results or making them visible to your clients. For example, if your sales team noticed a 400% ROI from using this software, let your clients see these results. Then everyone will understand how much they’ll benefit from this new tool. Bragging about results can come in many forms, such as an e-mail newsletter or a presentation at a business meeting. You need to find out which method works with your target audience and use it successfully.

4. Provide Ongoing Training & Support

Even if the software is highly intuitive, you’ll want to provide ongoing training and support. For example, video conferencing tutorials can reduce costs and save time associated with having an in-person training program. You can also create online videos that quickly show them the features of the software. But, of course, in-person training sessions in which you show clients how they can use this software can be just as effective.

Success and adoption will come so quickly from this method that you won’t know what to do with it. When you share the success one client has achieved from this software, you can increase the ROI from that software. You can also use your corporate and e-mail newsletters to share case studies or to give tips on how to implement the software.