4 Web Design Trends You Need to Use in 2018


Web Design has a come long way since it’s clunky days when design was non-existent.

Over the last few years the design revolution began and more importance was placed on how websites worked and looked.

There are two reasons for this.

  1. Apple set the design standard.

In a world controlled by Apple, the odds are design comes first. When the world was controlled by other OEM’s and manufacturers, you did not see the importance to design.

2.More money was made by well optimized websites.

Design is not only about how things look, but also about how it works. Sites with better flow and control of the users made more money.

So what are the design trends for 2018?

There are a lot more design trends than the four we’ve mentioned here, but we feel these were very important for web developers to stand out in a crowded internet and features that also affect the way a site is used.


Oh this is a big one. Illustrations have long been there with designers needed to make social media posts and so on. But with advent of tools like Canva, which basically replace the graphic designer, designers have moved on to a more specialized role that cannot be replicated easily. That is making Illustrations.

Illustrations can be icons on the site or a particular style that helps identify a company or even cover’s for blog posts. Illustrations are big in 2018 because it’s even more important to stand out.

WordPress themes are making it easy to create good looking websites. The odds are there are at least 20 to 30 websites which looks the same because they’ve downloaded the same theme. If you want to create original and custom top quality websites, check the work of web agencies such as notch studio.

The only way to stand out is by creating illustrations that cannot be replicated.

Micro Interactions

Generally mobile has taken bits and pieces from the web in their interactions, but in this case, web has copied mobile. Micro-interactions are interactive pieces that help the user interact with the site in an immersive way or make the user take action because of an animation.

Transitional Scrolling

A lot of web designers want their users to interact with their content actively and not passively. For this reason, they play around with the scrolling.

When users scroll down a website, different elements come up that showcase the different aspects of a website. It isn’t parallax scrolling or smooth scrolling.

This controls the flow of the website and this is an interesting web design trend in 2018.

Content Centres

Downloadable PDF’s and Ebooks are passe. Content centres is where e-book sized content is placed in repositories on sites instead of a downloadable form. This helps with getting more SEO juice and improves Google ranking and also the odds of getting the user’s email address is higher because they are not “forced” to do it.

So there you have it. Web design trends that could possibly play a major role in 2018.