5 Benefits Guaranteed When You Move Your Business to Dubai


The United Arab Emirates is hub to some of the most leading companies and organizations globally. The economy of the Emirate is diverse and self-sufficient. Globalized industries are found booming here. So, there’s no reason why one should miss out on the fantastic opportunity to become a part of it. Not just this, the UAE government has the best laws in place to support economic livelihood and prosperity. Therefore, moving your business to Dubai would be immensely beneficial.

Once you decide to make a move, you’re unlikely to regret it. We are sure the UAE is a fantastic place to live and work, and here’s why!

Reasons to Move your Business to Dubai

There are many reasons to expand your business in Dubai. To get started we’re going to jump straight in with our top 5 reasons for business setup in Dubai:

1. Pro-Business Laws and Regulations

For any business to achieve sustainability, the government plays an important role. In the case of the UAE, the local governments have implemented business-friendly laws and regulations. For example, ex-pats looking to incorporate in Dubai can start a business in less than a month, in some cases, only two weeks.

If you are not aware of the requirements, it’s always good to get help from a business setup consultant in the UAE.

2. Access to Large Talent Pool

The Emirate has one of the largest talent pools worldwide. Skilled and unskilled workers from all parts of the world flock to Dubai for employment opportunities.

It’s safe to say that you are bound to find quality labourers and employees who are not just educated and experienced but are looking forward to learning more to grow and improve at their jobs. Additionally, there is a growing segment of highly qualified professionals who graduate from UAE-based universities.

3. International Transport Hub

The international population of Dubai commands that a large airport and varied transport links are much needed. The Dubai International Airport is the 3rd busiest in the world by passenger traffic, and flights to almost all tourist destinations are only 5-6 hours away. Hence, it’s frequently a stop-over for long-haul travellers.

Transportation is an integral part of a trading business. Hence, Dubai is a go-to destination for all the general trading business in the world.

4. Lucrative Investment Opportunities

The government of Dubai, UAE, offers several support services and access to foreign investors’ investment opportunities. The government has launched various schemes that help foreign investors find investments in several industries, including real estate, trade, commodities, banking, etc.

The Expo 2020 Dubai, for example, is one of the up and coming opportunities for businesses and investors to participate in.

5. Stable Economy and Visionary Government

The UAE economy is diverse and self-sufficient; almost all major globalized industries are found here booming. There are zero reasons you should miss out on the opportunity to become a part of. Much of this is down to the UAE government’s promises – and Dubai in particular – of economic prosperity and livelihood.

Apart from the listed reasons, one of the most important advantages of moving your business to Dubai, is “Free Zone”

Free zones are one of the strongest points of business venture in the UAE. They were created to encourage foreign investors with easier start up, immigration and labour procedure. Apart from providing flexible working environment, they save a lot of taxes. And we all know how taxes can be overwhelming for business. Each freezone in the Emirates cater to a specific type of business category. If you want full foreign ownership, you can choose a license and a location one of the many UAE Free Zones. Ease free zone has its own rules and government by its own authority.

With the growing population and market demand, many business models are flourishing in the UAE. Specialized free zones and industrial areas are rigorously regulated to ensure industry best standards are met. With these advantages, we are confident that you too will be successful in your business venture in the UAE.