5 Benefits of Having License Agreements


5 Benefits of Having License Agreements

Working under a legal mandate in countries where the law vows to protect them relieves one of a massive problem concerning the legal grounds of his/her work. That being said, the protection of your rights is mainly your own concern to handle, and so licenses were introduced to be issued. A License agreement is a mutual understanding between two dealing parties on the extent of the usage of the product/service being obtained and has many benefits.

  1. Saves producer from copyright infringement

It is a rather simple task for people to avoid costs and download material from the internet, or make replicas and sell them at the same price as the original, If an agreement is issued beforehand, the purchasing authority is mostly advised to the extent to which the sale of the product should be limited. It can also be used as a claim in the case of infringements.

  1. Improves trust in product

A licensed product has a familiar vibe of faith that the consumer automatically generates when looking at one. More often than not it is provisioned with the availability of technical support and can easily be reclaimed if the product does not seem to function properly. In addition, good performance of the product in use may compel the user to opt for the newest launches and promotions of that very company because of this element of trust.

  1. Revenue generation

Various licensing agreements exist but all guarantee the generation of revenue in multiple forms of pricing such as royalties. An unlicensed product is sold as an undocumented one, which results in the consumer’s money being kept by the retailers as their own and the government (in the form of tax) and producer (in the form of income) end up getting nothing. With licensing maintaining a record becomes mandatory and any fraudulency and/or deceit can instantly be checked for.

  1. Brand awareness

Licensing agreements brings products and services in a positive light that soon expands and raises the number of people who acknowledge the brand. From a business point of view this is of utmost significance because number of consumers coming to a halt is a sign of a reducing market, and so the basics of licensing need not be compromised.

  1. Ensures quality 

From the producer’s point of view, a growing business may lead to a form of relaxation which based on the assumption that everything is going fine. It may cause the business to lose credibility in terms of the quality of their produce. The consumers making purchase may start finding increasing problems with their software/good or seem to think that they are becoming outdated and so, opt for newer brands. This should be an unacceptable circumstance for the producing firm which in turn should keep it occupied with research and development. Licensing does make the consumer responsible for the way he/she uses the product, but the tradeoff is the producer’s responsibility to maintain the standard of their services.