5 Benefits of using chatbots in your business


Running a business is not an easy feat. On a daily basis, there are hundreds of things that need to be discussed. Most people think bagging huge profits is the main purpose of a business. True profits and money are important for a business. But the most important factor that needs to be considered is your customers. If you’re a business owner then you know how important customers are for your business. At the end of the day, all of your products and services are built with them in mind. Don’t you agree? And the one thing that bridges the gap between you and your customers is communication. It provides you with an opportunity to understand your customer’s needs and cater to them.

Over these past few years, the way businesses are conducted has changed considerably. With globalisation, the world has become one small market place. Your customers can be from any part of the world and thanks to the internet and social media, it has become easy to communicate with them and understand them. 

With time many major innovations are seeing the light and helping you in providing the best customer experience. One such tool that has recently seen a rise in its popularity is chatbots. 

Did you know companies are around $1.3 trillion on customer service? However, with chatbots, companies can save up to 40%. The main reason why companies should opt for chatbots is because it automates customer support whilst improving customer satisfaction.

What is Chatbot?

Wondering, what is a chatbot?

It is a software that interacts with humans through textual or auditory methods. Users can communicate with it by voice or chat, they can communicate with it like how they would talk to a human. Once the conversation is done, chatbot interprets and processes the user’s phrases and words to provide them with a pre-set answer.

Businesses are leaving no stone unturned to improve their customer communication along with their internal processes. The first step towards it is by adapting to AI (Artificial Intelligence). This technology is being used by enterprises irrespective of their size to modernise their customer communication. 

If you think that chatbots are the future, then think again. Because they are already here and by seeing their rise in popularity it is clear to say that they’re here to stay. Over the years, chatbots have also grown and many big enterprises are using this software to enhance their customer satisfaction. 

With the rise in social media platforms, the chatbots have become the centre of communication for the customers. They now play a prominent role in business operations across various industries. The reason for their popularity is that the chatbots can be integrated into your website, apps or social media platforms. The conversation between chatbots and customers will be human-like. 

Chatbots will interpret their questions, words or phrases and will help your business in enhancing customers’ services. Stats show that by the end of 2020, more than 80% of businesses will introduce chatbots into their daily operations and more than 60% are already using this technology to understand their customers better. 

The rise in chatbots has also given rise to many chatbot development companies. And with all these choices in the market, it is quite hard to choose a chatbot that matches your requirements. If you’re an e-commerce business and want to improve your customer service then ADA is the perfect chatbot for you. Use this tool to provide you customers with utmost customer experience.

You must have already understood that chatbots are the new waves of technology and many businesses are already riding on it. So if you’re a business owner still thinking whether or not to introduce chatbots into your business. Don’t you think it’s high time that you already incorporate chatbots into your business?

If you’re still hesitant to incorporate chatbots into your business. Here are the benefits of chatbots that will convince you why chatbots are important for your business.

Benefits of Chatbot

Great Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, businesses have made a shift to online. Simply put, your business is open 24*7/365 days. Your customers may need your support at any time. So you must be ready to help them irrespective of time. This can be an impossible feat for your personnel. However, introducing chatbots to your business can be a game-changer. Not to forget great customer satisfaction plays a prominent role in customer retention.

It is quite hard for businesses to rely on support agents to provide 24*7 support and not to forget no customers likes to be kept waiting. Incorporating chatbot is the best idea, as it provides immediate automated responses and manages the customer queries. It can provide customers with answers that can genuinely help them. Being available round the clock for your customers can put you in their good books.

Save Time & Money

Every minute you spend away from your business can cost you some serious money. One of the benefits of this Chatbot is that it will help you in saving your time. With chatbots in place, you don’t have to worry about the delay in responses to your customers. It will provide users with fast, automated responses, imagine the number of customers you can cater to whilst improving your productivity and decreasing costs. Not only that chatbots will help your business to save costs in the long run. You can reduce your customer support staff by opting for chatbots. 

Whenever you hire new personnel you have to spend money on their training, salaries and the infrastructure. A business owner cannot avoid any of these expenses as they can easily burn a hole in their pocket. However, with chatbots, you can avoid most of these costs. Not only that it will allow you to scale up your chat support during peak business hours, Automate the business processes whilst providing your customers with seamless customer experience.

Customer Engagement

You already know how important it is for a brand to keep your customers engaged with your business. Stats show that businesses that engage with their customers will see growth in their business by around 40%. With chatbots, you can take your customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Its one-on-one responses will improve customer satisfaction. With its effective guidance and problem-solving approach, it is sure that your customers will be satisfied and happy. 

Personalisation makes your customers happy, it shows them that you’re actually putting efforts to understand them and make them happy. Chatbots will provide your customers exactly with what they’re looking for. It analyses their responses and provides them with related data. And most importantly it is the fastest response channel to communicate with its customers. Chatbots real-time interactions with customers will not only help them find answers to their queries, but it will also improve customer engagement too. 

Improved Productivity

Once Chatbots are incorporated into the business, your customer support will shift from human to automation. Many people have this common misconception that chatbots will replace human agents. But the truth is they will not replace humans completely. It just filters the customer’s queries before directing them to your customer support agent. 

Automating customer support and sales will provide your team to handle other important tasks as machines will take care of the tasks. This way it will improve your team’s productivity too.

 Sometimes customers may contact for enquiries such as return policy, order status etc. By letting chatbots handle such tasks will leave a lot of time in your customer executives hands to deal with other aspects that require their involvement. Chatbots improve productivity because they provide immediate first response, more number of requests will be accepted and more issues will be resolved. 

Better Lead Generation

Businesses are selling both online and offline. They are selling across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. With chatbots, your customers can communicate with you effortlessly via messaging platforms. You can communicate with your customer throughout the journey and provide them with assistance at any point they need. These bots follow a pre-set questionnaire that helps in persuading the visitors. With chatbots, you can even personalise their journey for them. These chatbots follow their pre-set questionnaires to convert visitors into potential customers. Once the leads are qualified they are nurtured based on their journeys such as providing them personalised recommendations and offers. Simply put, incorporating chatbots into your business is the perfect way to improve your sales conversions. Chatbots ensure that your customers are moving in the right direction to get higher conversion rates.


Customers are the pillars of an organisation. If they’re satisfied they can bring in more potential customers to your business and improve your business. With chatbots, you can improve customer satisfaction while optimising your business costs. It improves productivity and most importantly using chatbots will reduce human errors and provides your personnel to participate in important business activities that need their attention. Businesses across the globe are incorporating chatbots to grow their business. Think no more, follow the lead and use a chatbot to take your business to new heights.