5 Benefits to growing your Instagram following


When Instagram was first launches in 2010, it was just a networking service that aimed to have its users share photos and videos of their choice. But nowadays, this social platform is more than just a place where you can share a glimpse of your everyday life and interests.

Today, Instagram has become an essential part in the lives of those involved in advertising and marketing. If you still only have a handful of followers on your social media account, here are five benefits you can get when you have more followers on Instagram.

  1. You can be an inspiration – in the past, people tend to read books, look at art, etc to receive some inspiration. But now, most people would go to their favorite social media account in order to be encouraged and inspired. Even something as simple sharing your favorite quote or inspiration story can serve as an encouragement to your followers. With more followers on Instagram, your message of hope and encouragement can also help a lot of other people.


  1. If you have a website, more followers can translate to more website visits – most people flock to social media to check out the latest news, or even products. If you have more followers, but you want your website to also become more popular and get plenty of visits every day, make sure you link your website to all the posts you have on Instagram. If you are selling a product, make sure to do a write up so that your followers will become more interested in the product.



  1. You’ll have an exposure on the search page – you want your page to gain more followers and that can happen when you are in the search page. If you have a lot of followers, the people following your own followers can also see your own account, which can lead to more followers for you. The more people engage with your content, through liking or commenting can make way for more people to notice you. You can also buy ig likes in order to have more people engage with your account.


  1. You can become an influencer – if you’ve never heard of the word brand influencer, you are probably the type who has not even made a social media account. Brand influencers are very popular nowadays, with many even leaving their day jobs to become full-time brand influencers. Many brand influencers are given the chance to share a product and they get paid for doing so. If you have a certain number of followers like say 5,000 or so, you can actually approach some brands and offer your services to help expose their products to your many followers.


  1. You can have more clients – if you are a business aiming to gain more popularity and have more clients, in the Instagram world, that will be hard to do if you only have a handful of followers. But when you have many people following your feed, that can translate into more clients for your business or service.