5 Best Business Backup Services 2020


The escalation of data breach and cybercrime in the early 2020 has necessitated backup services to cushion businesses. Therefore, it’s necessary for businesses to seek the data protection solutions. Here, we cover the top 5 backup services available for businesses in 2020. Read on to see how you can cushion your business.

  1. Livedrive

This company is one of the best partners for your business this year. It offers online backup solutions that blend backup plans, computers, and mobile application interface. Its backup and professional suite plan offers limitless online backup. The former supports one computer while the later plan can support up to five comps. The backup plan sells for $8 monthly while its professional counterpart goes for $25 respectively.  

This solution provider is suitable for users seeking:

  • Infinite online storage;
  • Options to choose from;
  • To work with mapped drives and external drives;
  • To either back up their data 24/7 or when necessary;
  • To enjoy mobile use;
  • The flexibility of adding more computers as they need.

However, it might not be the best bet for users who want to: 

  • Enjoy versioning beyond one month;
  • Enjoy offline backup and restoration;
  • Restore files and folders because it only restores files.
  1. Carbonite 

Carbonite is another data backup solution provider to choose this year. It is ideal for users who love to enjoy:

  • Multiple plans to choose from(up to three);
  • Free trial for two weeks;
  • Usage on mobile devices;
  • Backing up all their files continuously;
  • Unlimited data backup;
  • Adding files and folders via Windows Explorer

However, it might not be the best choice for those who treasure any of the following:

  • Free online backup option;
  • File versioning beyond a month;
  • Offline restoration on all plans since only one of the company’s plans allows it;
  • Control the particular amount of bandwidth an app is permitted to use.
  1. CrashPlan for Small Business

If you are a small business owner, then this company is one of your biggest partners in data backup. It is the best choice for business owners who:

  • Want to enjoy infinite storage for their files;
  • Don’t like limits on their file sizes;
  • Treasure limitless versioning;
  • Like easy-to-understand pricing plans;
  • Like backing up files from mapped drivers;
  • Value specific backup schedule options;
  • Want to optimize mobile capabilities in their backup efforts.

For those who like for following features, it might not be their favorite data backup tool:

  • File sharing;
  • Restoration of large files using web apps;
  • Offline backing and restoration capabilities.
  1. IDrive 

IDrive is another key player in your quest to enjoy data security in 2020. The company offers its solutions and prices them based on how many devices you want to support. It lets users back up limitless devices at a monthly or yearly prices. It also varies its pricing based on the amount of storage space you require. 

If your storage needs are small, you can use its free plan that supports up to 5 GB on its cloud storage. For those who like paid plans, they can use its unlimited plans that range between $69.50 and $2,999 per annum.

  1. Nakivo

Lastly, Nakivo is another leading backup service provider you can bank on in 2020 – you can learn more about its backup solutions at https://www.nakivo.com/vmware-backup/. This provider is the best bet for any customer desiring to enjoy genuine customer support and satisfaction. You can enjoy all this satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Site recovery covering cloud, physical, and virtual business settings
  • A very responsive and friendly support team;
  • Installation and configuration ease on NAS storage systems including Synology and QNAP   ;
  • Excellent ratio between data backup and the data captured in its backup;
  • Perfect scaling across multi-site and multi-cloud environments;
  • Site recovery with one-click failover and failback;
  • Quick installation on Linux and Windows; 
  • Fast and easy deployment as a VMware and VA; 
  • Easy integration with popular duplication appliances such as, Data Domain and NEC;
  • Excellent performance;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • Ease of usage.

The market offers numerous business backup solutions in this year. Here are the five top ones, and what they can do for you to protect your sensitive data. With these facts at your fingertips, you can become more knowledgeable about which provider suits your needs best.