Let’s look at some useful applications that can be helpful for your Instagram.

1. Snapseed.

The great all-around app made by Google. It grants an enormous opportunity to boost your photo in any way you like. The app has a lot of tools that can help you to edit a photo for example brush tool, healing tool etc. Due to a high amount of features, Snapseed can more difficult in use compared to other apps. The problem is that Snapseed aims at more experienced photographers, so most functions won’t be actual for most users. Though a big set of filters, which consists of 11 categories, can be very helpful for an average user.

2. VSCO Cam.

Unlike other similar apps, VSCO Cam isn’t only a photo-editor app, but a kind of social network like Instagram. VSCO app doesn’t have a classic feed, but it has its own which is called “The Grid”. This app has a very simple, minimalistic interface, that makes VSCO Cam intuitively easy to use. Like other similar apps, it has a great number of filters. They don’t have fancy names and called “A3”, “C5”, “G2” etc. After you finish the editing photo, the app will offer you a few ways of sharing. You can share the edited photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some other popular social networks.

3. Flume.

A desktop Instagram app for MacĀ from third-party developers. Flume gives you an opportunity to use Instagram on your computer without opening a browser. Straight from your desktop, you can open an Instagram feed. Flume allows you to do the same actions you can do with the original Instagram app. You are able to browse the feed, like photos, leave comments etc. The app has a convenient interface which allows you to see photos in their original size just on your computer screen. For a 10$ payment, you can unlock function to upload images from a computer, though it’s not the necessary. You can also turn on notifications in the app to get all news directly to your computer.

4. Priime.

Another great app. It is a lot like VSCO Cam with a minimalistic interface and easy to use. But, it has few differences. Priime doesn’t have a social aspect. For a $1 you can unlock a pack of unique filters. All of them were developed in co-work with professional photographers. Every filter has a small story with a filter’s creator name. Another feature that can surprise you is an automatic filter-advice. An app will offer you better filter based on a big amount of factors.

5. Over.

Over costs $3.99 for Android and it is free for iOS. This app is unlike the previous ones. It doesn’t edit your photo a lot, though it will add some nice text and overlays to your photo. Have you seen photos with nice simple drawings on it and text like “Travel” or something like that? That glamorous photo now can be done very easy and fast with this app. So, Over is turning your photos into the inspirational or motivational pictures. A free version of the app is going to a standard bunch of features. More functions can be bought in the integral shop.