5 Best Tech Gadgets for Securing Your Home


You cannot put a price on the safety and security of your loved ones. It is a true statement but realistically, you have to. Crime is a sad reality these days, like it or not. Sure, some areas have less crime than others but you are never truly safe. You have to take measure to protect your property, yourself and your family and that means investing in home security devices.

To make that important decision slightly easier for your, I will take you through my best 5 homes security devices.

Before we do that, there are a number of factors you need to consider before you can evaluate the various options. Consider the size of the house and what areas you need secured, are you happy with a bit of DIY or do you need something installed by professionals, do you want a wireless system or is wired ok, do you require a video feed and importantly, your budget.

  1. LiveWatch Security System

If you are happy with a bit of DIY and want a well-priced, scalable system, LiveWatch is a good option. It is sold as preconfigured components, according to your needs and specifications that you self-install. You can always add to the system as your needs or budget change. Installation is fairly easy but there is 24-hour technical support if you need it as well as various guides and videos to assist you. One of the main benefits is that it is completely wireless.

One unique feature is the ASAPer function that sends instant notification to your chosen contacts in the event of an emergency.

  1. Scout Security System

Another great DIY option is Scout Security. It is also very easy to customise to your requirements and set up is easily done either on a mobile app or on their website. For more ideas about home security devices you can visit the website the Smart Future.

Although equipment options are limited, it does offer 3G backup with remote monitoring as well as camera integration. They system looks great, with a variety of finish options and Scout offer a choice of packages depending on your needs and budget.

  1. Link Interactive Security System

The highly-experienced Utah based Mountain Alarm company teamed up with Alarm.com to create this formidable system. It is available from Costco for convenience and there are a range of affordable packages on offer. The system comes as a basic kit that you can add to according to your requirements. It also offers full cellular monitoring.

  1. Protect America Security System

One of the most affordable systems comes to you from Protect America. The life time warranty on all parts is a testament to the quality of their equipment. It also has the ability to record and stream from 2 security cameras simultaneously. Protect America is known for their great customer service. There are no upfront fees or activation fees and 5 monthly plans to choose from.

  1. Frontpoint Security System

The highly-rated system from Frontpoint Security is totally wireless, controllable from your mobile device and provides live streaming. They are well known for high quality heat and smoke detectors as well as Carbon monoxide monitoring. Crash and Smash Technology is standard. Their customer service is outstanding.

Security is not a decision to be taken lightly so do your research and give some thought to your needs and requirements. All the systems discussed are good and although fairly similar at first glance, all have unique strengths and weaknesses. Look at the customer service, support, warranty and additional charges carefully. Select a system that will suit your environment and security demands while factoring in your budget.

Stay safe!