5 Best Tips of Writing a Recommendation Letter


Before reviewing the tips for writing a recommendation letter, you need to know the exact recommendation letter format:

Structure of a recommendation letter

A recommendation letter basically is a type of a formal letter, and you cannot be creative to this letter, and there is a proper structure which you have to follow for this letter:

  • Introduction:

This is the first part of the recommendation letter where your referee will present them, and they will state their relationship with you. They could be your employer as well as a professor. The need to mention the general impression they have for you by the time they have known you.

  • Content

This is the main body of the recommendation letter in which your referee will his thoughts regarding you to be one of the best candidates for the Master’s program. Moreover, there will be details of your educational background, personality traits, and other necessary activities.

  • Closing

This is the last segment of your recommendation letter in which your referee will add a closing statement to your message which needs to be a standard closing including the referee’s name, contact details, and signature.

The Structure you learned above for recommendation letter, you should study with some Samples of Recommendation Letter.

Tips to have an impressive recommendation letter

Following mentioned are some essential tips, yet you can know more about Calendar DIY:

1-    Mention diverse achievements

If you have to give 2 recommendation letters at a time, you can write totally two different aspects regarding your personality, academic achievements, and potential.

2-    Help with relevant information

In most of the cases, there are chances that your referees will know you, but still, you have to provide them with all the necessary relevant information especially the records of your educational details so that they recommend you in a better way.

Following mentioned are the details of the information which you have to provide to the referee:

•    The CV

•    A list is containing your grades and academic achievements throughout.

•    The list of extra-curricular activities you’ve been a part of

•    The date of submission of the letter

  • Include the things you have done

Your referee is the person who is recommending you, and he shouldn’t just mention your skills and qualities; instead, he should list the examples related to how you have used those skills in different situations. Such cases will provide extra support for your recommendation letter.

  • The letter should show your improvement over time.

The admission officers are quite versed and experienced, so the letter only praising you won’t work instead of having a recommendation letter which states about your improvement with the passing time is a better option to make a good impression over the admission officers.

  • Take care of the letter’s tone.

A recommendation letter couldn’t be creative, yet it shouldn’t be dry as well. It is a formal document, but you don’t need to confuse the formality with dryness. You need to get a recommendation letter written in a way that it shouldn’t bore the admission officers and yet it shouldn’t be so detailed that the subject starts getting dry for the reader.