5 Best VoIP Apps for Apple and Android


Curious about VoIP apps for business or personal use? It’s not surprising – these applications offer quite a few advantages over traditional landline service as well as standard cell service, particularly when it comes to cost savings and the ability to make calls using Wi-Fi when you’ve got no cell service. With a robust VoIP app for your Apple or Android device, you can make phone calls for less, including cheap international calls. Additionally, you may be able to take advantage of other services that make communicating more convenient and even more fun. We’ve tried dozens of VoIP apps and narrowed the list down to five that are well worth trying.

Viber Out: Best for Personal Use

Designed with the average consumer in mind,Viber Out is a free VoIP app for Android and Apple. Its main advantage is that it allows you make free and cheap international calls using the device of your choice. This service has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, and the app is rapidly gaining popularity due to its high quality and convenient features. There are a number of inexpensive international calling packages available, along with international calling plans for those who make frequent calls to destinations overseas. Viber Out distinguishes itself by allowing users to dial any landline or cellular number and by offering free calls between those who use the app.

Best Features:

There are many features which make Viber Out a top VoIP app for Apple and Android. Some we particularly appreciate include:

  • Cheap international calls; prices are far lower than those made via landline and traditional cell service
  • Ability to pre-pay for minutes; no surprise phone bills
  • Users can call destinations worldwide
  • Free calls between users
  • Free texting, instant voice messaging, video chat, and video messaging between users
  • Fun features like stickers and group chats between users
  • Works via W-Fi, allowing users to save data for other uses if needed
  • Allows users to sync devices and connect to existing contacts lists

Ring Central: Best for Business

Whether you’re a small business owner or a systems administrator at a larger company, you’ll probably appreciate what Ring Central can do for your ability to keep in touch with clients and colleagues. Designed with business needs in mind, this VoIP service keeps your entire phone system in the cloud, and allows users to send and receive calls, texts, and faxes from iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Best Features:

With Ring Central, you can leave your desk behind and continue taking care of business from wherever you happen to be. Top features include:

  • Online meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Notifications
  • Business SMS and MMS
  • Interactive voicemail
  • Toll-free numbers are available
  • Easy to configure a customized phone system to suit your purposes


Grasshopper: Best for Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re well-established or just starting out, you know that every penny matters. Grasshopper saves you money, but that’s just the beginning: This VoIP app enhances professional presence. You can use the service to provide employees with their own extensions, plus you can treat your clients to toll-free calls.

Best Features:

Besides its cost-crunching appeal, Grasshopper offers several key features:

  • Live support, 24/7
  • Automated attendant service for greater professional appeal
  • Voicemails are transcribed to email if needed
  • Create and send business text messages
  • Works with existing desk and cell phone lines
  • Vanity numbers are available
  • Call forwarding
  • No long-term contract required


8×8 Communications Cloud: Best for Integrating with Business Management Software and CRM

There are a few reasons why major corporations like RE/MAX, Allstate, and McDonald’s rely on 8×8 Communications Cloud: It’s easy to integrate with third-party apps, it offers mobile capabilities, and it offers excellent pricing despite numerous features.

Best Features:

Designed with businesses of every size in mind, 8×8 Communications Cloud brings impressive value to the table. Some of the best include:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Collaborate via chat, fax, or mobile
  • Video conferencing capability
  • Instant messaging
  • Integrated fax
  • Online portal management
  • No maintenance or special equipment required
  • Scalable for businesses of every size


Apple iCall Pro: Best for Bitcoin Users

Does your small business rely on Bitcoin? Are you a dedicated Apple user? If so, then consider giving Apple iCall a try. Calls to other iCall users are free, and it’s possible to upgrade to the app’s premium version, which allows users to call mobile and landline numbers. It’s one of a handful of apps that support Bitcoin payments

Best Features:

Apple iCall Pro works with iPad and iPhone, allowing users to communicate with the device they prefer. Top features include:

  • Works with 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi internet
  • Attractive, intuitive interface
  • Free download
  • Simple to use