5 Easy Steps to Downloading Instagram Stories

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Instagram is rapidly building its way to becoming the most famous and popular social network of all times. The community of its users is getting bigger and bigger every day. No wonder! You can share bits of your daily life with your friends, and your loyal followers.

But there are some downsides to this platform for now. There is no option to download stories, that last for 24 hours only, but sometimes they are so good that you want to keep them for much longer.

You might have thought of taking screenshots, but this is not an option anymore. How will you save those precious moments forever, you might wonder. But do not worry, we are here to help you with these.

Read the 5 simple steps to downloading Instagram stories on any of your devices, and learn how you can enjoy them for much longer than those brief 24 hours.

1.      Copy the username of the public account whose story or stories you would like to save

We suppose that you already found something that you would like to save if you are reading this.

Now, the first thing that you will do in order to download the story that you like is check if the account is public, and if it is, copy the username. Make sure that it is copied properly, or else you wouldn’t be able to download any stories.

2.      Look up weinstag.com/instastory in your selected browser

On to the next step: just type weinstag.com/instastoryin in the browser that you normally use, and give it a few moments to load. When it does, go on to the next simple step.

3.      Paste the username that you have already copied in the first step

Now, you will see a search box in which you will have to paste the username that you have copied or type the one that you have written down previously. Again, we are reminding you to pay attention to it and be very precise.

4.      Hit the “Download Instagram Stories” button that will appear

If everything is done properly, and we do not doubt that it is, the “Download Instagram Stories” button will appear. Simply click on it, wait for a few moments, there might be a lot of stories, and it will do its own magic.

5.      Hit that Download button that is placed under every picture or the Download button that can be found in the bottom corner on the right of every video story

And now to the final, most important and most fun part of it all: you can see all the stories that the account holder has put up in the past 24 hours.

The amazing bonus is that you do not have to download all of them. You can choose only the ones you like since every image and every video has a button of its own.

And as every problem has its solution, so does this one. This was all you needed to know and do in order to enjoy the little moments from your friends’ everyday lives for long after they have gone from this platform that we all like so much.