5 Effective Techniques To Maximize The Response Rate Of Your Online Survey


The market has never been as customer-centric as it is today. So, almost every marketer looks forward to catering to their products just the way customers need it. But again, no marketing strategy is simple, and online surveys are no exception.

Getting genuine responses to your online survey can be tricky initially. However, when you get a hold of it, things will become easier eventually. For starters, we have researched a couple of extremely effective techniques. Stick through the article to give a boost to the rate of response to your next online survey.

Maintain the length of the survey

Think about answering a long list of questions after or during an exhausting day. Cannot find the energy to do so, right? Most of your client’s days are tiring, which is why the rate of responses decreases if the survey is too long.

So, make sure you are maintaining an appropriate survey length. You can go for a maximum of 10 questions in an online survey, try to keep it less than that.

Maintain the frequency

Nobody likes to fill survey forms every now and then; this is one basic fact. Besides, constantly sending survey forms to clients is just another way of annoying them. Thus, maintain a decent frequency.

Prepare a survey ritual that ultimately helps you to maximize your rate of responses. Practice sending just one survey every month; it will increase the response rate eventually.

Create relevant surveys

In a world this busy, wasting someone’s time is something very close to committing a sin. So, when you are creating a survey, make sure it does not turn out to be a waste of time for anyone.

Keeping the survey relevant will help the respondent as well as the person creating the survey. Relevant conclusions can only be made if the survey questions are appropriate enough.

Optimize it for all devices

If you are creating a survey that can be taken only on a PC or laptop, the response rate is bound to fall. So, optimizing it for all devices is an extremely crucial step. It makes it easier for the respondent.

While one cannot have a laptop or PC all the time, smartphones are pretty much prevalent these days. This means the response rate will increase when your online survey is perfectly optimized for all smart devices.

The Anita-effect

Studies reflect that if the sender is a female, the chances of getting high responses gradually increase. So, if you are focusing on a male-dominated business sector, Anita-effect might work great for you.

This is one of the hacks that worked really great for most people who create a survey. Taking a chance won’t harm you much other a little time and brainstorming efforts.

These are all the effective methods that have worked fine for most online survey creators. The rest certainly depends on how good you are framing questions in your survey. You can click here when it comes to keeping the survey clean and to the point, thus maximizing responses.