5 elements of a good marketing brief


A good marketing brief is supposed to help in keeping the sales pipeline full. It lays the basis for planning and is the one that dictates the operations that a company undertakes. If you are tasked with creating a brief, you should take some time to understand the information that you have to include. If you look at various briefs submitted to companies, you will see that there are some which are great, but others are wanting. Regardless of the type of business that you are engaged in, there are vital factors that you cannot ignore. Try to include the following elements.

  1. Market research

The brief should demonstrate that you have researched the markets, and you understand the current situations. You need to show that you know the latest trends because markets change all the time. Proper research will help you to understand how to create a strategy that beats competition. In addition to that, it will go a long way to take your business into the future because you can easily predict the market based on research.

Carrying out market research should not be a difficult task especially when you have digital tools at your disposal. Traditionally, you would have had to create questionnaires and move around asking people to fill them before you analyze the information. However, technology has made things easy and so; you can survey them through the internet. Social media, for example, provides the perfect place to survey your market without having to spend too much money. You can also survey them through your website, forums, and many other online platforms.

2.Competitive analysis

In your marketing brief, you should clearly profile your competitors. You need to know who they are and what they do. Go further to find out who their customers are, their sales volumes, their strategy, and everything else. If they are doing better than your company, find out why customers prefer them. Use every opportunity to find out what their expansion plan is and what they want to deviate from. When you do this, you will know what makes them different from you and what you can do to ensure that they do not beat you.

You probably are wondering how you can collect all that information especially when the competitors will do everything to conceal it from you. Again, technology is your hope here. Analytics tools are likely to help you collect this information without a sweat. With social media analytics tools and these that work across all websites, you can collect information whenever your competitors are mentioned and so, you will have a list of their most regular customers. You can also use services like SketchCorp.

  1. Your marketing strategy

In your marketing brief, show the strategy that you are going to use to get to your targeted goals. It would be useless to give someone a blueprint without showing them how they can use it. The strategy should have actionable plans so that people can see what they will start with and how they will progress. A strategy can be complex or simple based on the challenges that your company has to overcome. The good thing is that as long as you know the problem and you know where you want to go, formulating a strategy should not be difficult at all.

When creating a strategy, make sure that it is practical. Think about what your company is capable of and give them a strategy based on those levels. If you ask too much of them, you will only be setting them up for failure, and this is not something that anyone would want to experience. However, you should not make it so simple because you will be lowering your standards and under-utilizing your capabilities.

  1. A budget

Anything that you do should have a budget. Budgeting is an important part of every business because it is the only way you can know how your funds were spent. When you create marketing brief, be sure to show the amount of money that will go into everything. Failure to budget means that you are leaving the company in a dilemma. In addition to hat, a budget means that they will have time to raise the funds needed to implement your brief. When budgeting, pay attention to the items whose prices change often.

Budgeting will be much easier if you have a marketing app. You need software that will show you the figures related to every aspect of a marketing campaign. Nowadays, you do not have to keep huge files just to show how much money you spent. Instead of that, you can use application to securely create and store budget thus making your work easier than you can think.

  1. Positioning

Ask yourself about the perception of your brand in the local markets. You will want to know what customers think about your company. When you know this information, it will be much easier to adjust your services in your new plan and therefore, you will be setting yourself up for success. It is difficult to know your positioning when you do not interact with your customers. You will be surprised to know that there are companies that have the wrong impression of their market positioning.

If you can engage your customers on social media, in physical marketing campaigns, email marketing, and local events, you will get a clear view of what your brand stands for. You also will understand why they buy your products or why they prefer the competitors. This understanding will help you to create a brief that is all inclusive and which can propel your company to success.

To wrap it up, a good marketing brief should have all the details that your company needs. It should be based on the latest market information and contain a plan that clearly shows the way forward. If you look at the best performing companies in your niche, you will notice that they have aligned their services based on a strategy that was developed after thorough market research. You too can be like them or even better.