5 email marketing ideas for content marketing professionals


As per a recent report from Hubspot, “81% of B2B marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters.” Well, let that sink in for a second. The number is huge, and so is the importance of emails to content marketers. So, it’s better to give a distinctive touch, or should I say, ‘identity’ to your emails. Let’s have a look at some of the most crucial tips to do so.

Stay focused

The most effective way to get more and more people clicking on your emails is keeping them simple. The entire email should be created around the underlying principle of simplicity. 

This is the standard format of keeping it fuss-free and get your message delivered straight:

  1. Headline
  2. Image
  3. Teaser
  4. Button

It is to be noted that eliminating the unnecessary clutter will automatically draw the attention to CTAs, eventually leading the recipients to click on it. So, the simple rule to keep it simple is staying focussed and keeping it simple.

Source: Really Good Emails


So before you frown while scrolling down and call me a hypocrite, let me be clear that in this blog, I’ll tell you to use images and then later recommend you to refrain from it. Don’t worry, let me explain.

See, using and placing images in the emails is a tricky process. The actual practice of featuring images should be included in your content strategy, instead of in your conversion strategy. Images should act as an aid to help the recipient under the context of the email and visualize your ideas. It would elevate the entire reading experience.

Also, it is crucial to understand that stock images and unrelatable visual content can prove to be a big distraction. You can take help from Marketo email experts or even use the Salesforce email templates. That would make your job much easier.

Source: Really Good Emails


This might sound strange, but yeah, this practice has its own perks. In content-heavy emails, you can consider featuring content that you didn’t create.

Well, before you freak out and just bounce off, let me explain my point. Sales, especially in the long run, is driven by values. The more value your communication provides to the reader, the higher the sales go. Your content must revolve around at least one of the core values of advice, education and inspiration.

It has two benefits. First, when you have to make effective communication and establish your brand as the subject matter expert, it is fruitful to feature content that has already been said by someone important and renowned. You leverage their brand value to create yours. And having to create lesser content on your own, would also enhance your efficiency. Pardot email templates and Mailchimp email templates would help you a great deal in this. Tools like scoop.it can help you with content curation. 

It’s all about content

It’s been established that the most effective way for online marketing is to educate your customers about the product, the industry you operate in, and other things around it. When you deliver value-based content consistently, you gain customer trust, and it eventually boosts your sales. 

In the entire cycle of educating your prospects and making them your customers, which aspect delivers the most value? Yes, you guessed it right, content. So, it’s better to align everything in your email to the sole purpose of highlighting the content.

Overdone designs, extra-large images, and flashy fonts distract the user away. Your email might be having the perfect textual content, but still, the recipient would miss it if it’s being overshadowed by other not-so-important elements. These elements do not deliver as much value as the content, so, it’s best to focus on what does.

Source: Really Good Emails

Take it personally

It is a common practice amongst email marketers to write in the third person. This, in turn, makes the emails monotonous and renders them without appeal. The relatability factor from your emails fades away and eventually finds your content disconnecting.

Writing in the first person and putting your name at the end would elevate the content quality since you have to stand by the values your email delivers and the content you create. Having your name at the end would make the recipients trust, which would lead you eventual sales. Worried about the content quality in your email marketing campaign? Well, you can leverage Mailchimp email experts and Salesforce email specialists  and provide your recipients with the best emails in the business. 

Source: Really Good Emails

Wrapping Up

Email marketing and content marketing are related to a great extent, and hence, it makes it an interesting proposition for content marketers. On the other hand, being in just content creates some boundaries which the points mentioned above solve to a great deal. And don’t forget, it’s always about the content.