For entrepreneurs, it’s an awe-inspiring moment to hear the success stories of the world’s top companies by market value, the garage being the birthplace for some of them. While no one has a ready answer to how to make your business a success, look into the elements that contribute to this blessed state of business affairs.

Aside from human capital, do you have what you need to operate every day? Your answer—having the appropriate equipment—spells the difference in your business’s efficiency and your workers’ productivity. These machines and tools are helpful in your day-to-day survival and long-term success.

What Business Equipment Do You Need?

Are you venturing into consulting, catering, or any profitable business? Your venture may be one or none of those mentioned, but most likely you’ll need to set up an office for your business.

And what are the pieces of office equipment worthy of your investment? In case you need a reminder, count one to five.

Equipment 1: Computer(s)

Hiring more people means buying or financing more computers and relevant software applications and tools. Laptops are pretty convenient for working inside and outside the office. They can also be on par with desktop computers in terms of performance. But desktops continue to hold their edge when it comes to repairs and upgrades.

In buying a computer, look into its useful life and cost-effectivity in the long run.

Equipment 2: Printer

In an era of soft copies and paperless transactions, physical copies of documents are becoming extinct. But contracts, vouchers, receipts, and employee files are better organized and kept in a cabinet for record-keeping purposes.

If you find it expensive to keep a printer as it may just collect dust, get one with fax, scan, and copy functions.

Equipment 3: Teleconference Equipment

Clients in Europe. Customer representatives in Asia. You in South America. It’s not a unique setup, and these people are often a call away. One of the equipment pieces you can invest in early on in your business is a teleconference setup.

This technology exemplified by Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set  comes with a camera to host multiparty video conferences, offering a full range of teleconference and related capabilities. It’s also worthwhile to mention that having your teleconference equipment lends prestige to your company.

Equipment 4: Server

More computers often mean a greater need for a centralized machine that keeps and stores all data from individual workstations. Consider getting a server if your business (1) deals with files containing sensitive and proprietary information and (2) wants to cut back the time required to find a file from a workstation as well as the cost to secure each computer in your network.

Equipment 5: Telephone

Who needs a telephone when you are a modern business? You won’t probably use it yourself, but suppliers, vendors, potential candidates, and even those who want to check the legitimacy of your business will probably do.

This notion is ironically true in an era where smartphones, laptops, and tablets have become the primary modes of communication. Nonetheless, ISPs include landlines in their bundled internet packages, as applicable, so you don’t have to lift a finger to get one.

Get Ready

Whether you are starting your business from your parent’s garage or in a leased office space, realize that you will spend money on office equipment. They represent a substantial investment that can contribute to your business’s long-term growth and sustainability.

What about you? Find out or confirm if you have some of or all these pieces of business equipment in the comment section.