5 Essential Tech Tip


What are 5 Essential Tech Tips:

It is every person’s wish to learn one or two tips about how to do something better. It would be nice to learn a tip to use a software or a tip about a product like smart phone or a scanner that might make our day to day to tasks easier. The tech tips mentioned below to back up your hard drive or maintain your passwords etc are helpful and fun to learn.

1.Windows or Mac back up– It is a hassle to back up all the files and your personal computer’s settings, but do not worry you can avail the automatic cloud services such as the Sugarsync and the Carbonite. These services will do everything to keep your data in the personal and work computers safe. Now you have no excuse to put in effort to safeguard your data.

2.Boost your computer speed with more RAM- is your windows or Macintosh computer been running slow lately? If this is the problem then you must log into the site crucial.com. This is a memory retailer which can scan your computer to know what kind of memory your system will be needing. To boost up the speed of your computer let your old desktop or computer an infusion of RAM and you will see for yourself how your computer will be running.

3.Protect your desktop and laptop free of virus and malware- the first protection you need to offer to your computer is keeping it immune from malware and virus or all the files you save on your computer can be lost. Macintosh users are safe from viruses when compared to other software users. If you are a windows user you need to be careful especially. To protect your PC from virus use virus protection packages available. They are free and paid versions. Use the free trial ones first and then you can buy them if you like them. Some of the best ones are Norton, McAfee, AVG etc. They offer protection from virus and malwares. The best one is AVG as it is free and yet offers complete protection.

4.Password management- it is hard to remember so many passwords especially when you have a lot of online accounts. It is not wise to write them down somewhere or storing them in your phone. What might happen if they fall in the wrong hands. Do not panic you can manage them safely by using password manager. They are many available online and use one of them to store the passwords of all your accounts such as Google, Facebook, Netflix etc.

5.Passcode lock for Smartphones- you have to protect your smart phones with pass code. It might be little troubling to type the pass code every time you want to access your phone but it will keep all your personal data from falling into wrong hands when your smart phone is lost or stolen.