Are you looking to increase your company’s exposure, bring in new clientele, and set yourself apart from your competition? Setting up a trade show booth is a surefire way to do all of the above and bring a boost to your business. However, your competition is right there with you, so you’ll need to do your homework before setting up shop. If you follow these 5 critical tips, you’ll get a great return on your investment at your next trade show.

  1. Think About Design

This thing isn’t going to design itself, is it? Maybe that can be your next big product—self-designing trade booths. For now, though, you’re going to have to think about budget, function, and graphics. Should your display be down-to-earth or earth-shattering? High-tech or cozy and personable? The answer rests in the image you want your company to portray. Make plans for product storage, seating, display, and accessibility when constructing a blueprint. Make sure to leave room for a group of customers.

  1. Make it Sleek and Unique

How can you maximize your market ability with each potential customer? Sometimes your only opportunity is going to be a few glancing seconds as they walk by, so you need to bring them in. One way is to create an elevated display that catches the eye and stands above the competition (literally).

Keep things focused. Aloud or excessive booth can seem scattered. If you’re going that route, keep clutter to a minimum and bring the product to the center. A great way to keep your design professional yet still impactful is to construct it with high-quality plastics. Plastic is sturdy, flexible, and lightweight, which makes it great for platforms, banners, and even ceilings that can all be reused at a later show.

  1. Get Them Involved

You don’t want your clientele to feel like they’re being sold to. One way to make them more comfortable is to get them involved. You can host a game that is relevant to your industry and can involve multiple participants. This will draw people in and create a buzz with more and more people coming to see what your company is all about. Give them an experience they’ll remember, not just a business card.

  1. Bring Them Back

You want your product or service to be fresh in everyone’s mind, even as they’re browsing other booths. One way to do that is to register them to win a prize or drawing later on in the day. Give them something palpable like a ticket to hang on to, and they’ll be thinking about your gift giveaway instead of your competition.

  1. Focus on What You Are, Not Who You Are

You don’t need to have your company name or logo plastered all over your booth. Instead, tell them what it is your product does or how your service can make their lives easier. A banner that says “All-Natural Pepper Flaked Jerky” is going to make more mouths water than a sign that says “Bob’s Jerky,” and anarchway that says “The Premier Virtual Reality Gaming Experience” will bring in more players than just a computer company logo. Trust me—if they love your product, they’ll remember your name.