5 fatal mistakes we can learn from big businesses who mishandles an online crisis


Running a business means facing many challenges. The world’s markets are ever changing. What works one week may not work the very next. This is why company owners and managers need to be aware of every single aspect of their business. They need to know what’s going on in every single area. This includes how employees are functioning on the job each day. It also includes how customers perceive the company. Companies that a great reputation in the collective consumer mind are companies that are likely not only continue to do well but also to actively increase their client base and thrive even further. One area that needs particular attention is that of the online arena. Online perceptions have come to play an even greater role than ever before. The first thing that many customers do is reach for their phone and have a quick look at the company in cyberspace. Today’s savvy business owners and manager should pay close attention to their online reputation. Many businesses have floundered because they did not do so. Fortunately, there are many things to learn from such mishandling.

Admit to the Mistake

One of the single most important things that any company owner or manager can do is to admit to the mistake. During a PR crisis, the temptation to deny anything happened can be quite strong. Such denials are increasingly difficult in an age of open information. It’s easier than ever to find someone at the company willing to speak about what really happened. This is why savvy business owners and managers are upfront with their clients about the issue. They understand that being forthright from the very first is the best way to appear honest, open and truly trustworthy in the public mind. They also understand that speaking out openly can help nip the crisis before it develops into something much worse.

Reach Out to Clients

Company managers and owners have foundered in the aftermath of a crisis by not doing enough to reach out to clients and all those watching the crisis unfold. Company managers and owners may think that others aren’t paying attention. Nothing could be further from the truth. People love to watch others fall. Aggrieved clients also loathe the sense of being taken for granted. This is why companies that have appeared aloof from an ongoing crisis have tended to do poorly. Company officials must be willing to step up the plate and demonstrate they are willing to listen. They must also be willing to indicate they hear what clients and observers have to say about the crisis and why it happened. Direct response to the public is the best bet. There are many ways of accomplishing this goal. For example, a company can set up an ask the company officials about policies can be of use. Popular social media sites offer a great way to communicate directly with the public in an informal setting.

Work With Experts

The online world may seem like uncharted territory but it is not. Experts have developed methods that can help any company successfully navigate an online problem. Working closely with online reputation management services is an integral part of any company strategy. While many companies have in-house staffers who may have a background in this field, they often lack the highly specific expertise required to successfully move past an issue like this one. This is why working as closely as possible with an expert is a necessity. Experts deal with problems that can happen with an online crisis all the time. They understand specific techniques such as SEO that can be used to successfully counter such problems and create a better corporate online management structure. For a small consulting fee, an expert can suggest all sorts of strategies that can e used to counter such issues and truly move past such a crisis. Companies that have done it all on their own have frequently found their responses inadequate at best.

Highlight the Positive

In the middle of an ongoing issue, it may feel hard for company officials to focus on more productive aspects of their overall business and getting word about such achievements to the public. Company officials may be tempted to focus solely on the response to the current issue. This is a huge mistake. Now is the time to actively remind the public of the company’s many varied and impressive achievements. Many companies have failed to accomplish this task. In doing so, they have missed out on a huge opportunity. When people are paying attention to a company in any way, it’s time to harness that audience and use it to their benefit. Company owners and managers who can accomplish this goal are those who will watch the company take full advantage of an online problem and turn it to their advantage. It’s important to remember that the spotlight can be used to illuminate all areas of the company. Actions such as providing a list of the company’s many positive prior actions are actions that will help all company managers and employees successfully move past this crisis.

Redesign the Site

A crisis offers a fresh opportunity to begin again. Now is the time to take the initiative and create an entirely new site from top to bottom. In the aftermath of a crisis, the company’s site may receive hundreds of thousands of new visitors. Now is the time to welcome them with a site that is full of innovation and puts the company’s best foot forward. A brand new website can also help by making it clear that the company is devoted to meeting the highest possible professional standards. Company officials who listen to experts in the field of online reputation management are those who are likely to see increased business and happier clients. Companies must be proactive. Officials who view a crisis as an opportunity are officials who can help the company excel in the modern world.