Being an entrepreneur, you must have found yourself contemplating over how you can intrigue your target audience on social media and in what ways it can help you maximize revenue while upholding your brand recognition. You will be awestruck to know that top-tier businesses are actively involved in employing devoted teams that are exclusively responsible to look after their social media campaigns and related activities. The percentage goes up to 78%. That is how important it is!In accordance with Social Media Examiner, 92 % of marketers encountered a tremendous growth in traffic globally along with substantial manifestation of their brand.

With the progressive evolution of technology and increased usage of social media worldwide, it has now become critical to acknowledge the indispensable utilization of social platforms to market your brand and to make your presence phenomenal. Nowadays, marketing your brand on social media is considered an orthodox ritual that is being followed by businesses. However, smart and invigorating engagement of your target audience on social platforms serves to be a profound challenge. Startups are trying their hard to instigate their target audience with the precise utilization of social media platforms that are pertinent to the industry they eager to penetrate in.

Nevertheless, the great news is there are some sneaky ways whose implementation can help you trigger your proposed audience and to enhance your brand awareness which is the prime goal of every top organization. On the authority of Content Marketing Institute and MarketProfs 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America witnessed that social media is the top best practice that is widely being used as a content marketing tactic and proved to be successful in engaging your audience zealously.

Here we are going to elucidate about the top 5 growth-driven hacks that can be used to stimulate your brand awareness and recognition while boosting constructive engagement of your target audience.

  1. Try to create Winsome Content

No matter where your target audience is located, the intense power of words does wonders! You must have gone through the quote “The pen is mightier than the sword” Yes, it certainly is! People all over the world are captivated from the top-notch stories that fascinate them to explore more and dive deeper into the complete chapter. It is not surprising to say that people in this era are more likely to rely on social media for getting information regarding products or services that they want and have a desire to purchase. Therefore, create a thought provoking story, which connects your audience with your brands core crust. Try to formulate a story, which your audience finds unique, and enrich them with a reason to look further into what you are offering them.  Link your brand core theme with your audience daily life scenarios to create a vigorous bonding.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Effectiveness of Video Marketing

Interestingly, the unique power of YouTube in marketing is simply commendable, as top artists, renowned celebrities and intellectual comedians exhibited its irrefutable influence on audience. Many top artists have started their career with the use of YouTube custom videos. They have captured a wide audience with fans from diversified backgrounds, which made them successful today with the highest followers globally. Businesses can make YouTube a part of their inbound marketing campaign in order to articulate their brand message to millions of people, almost 01 billion users are actively using YouTube in their daily life and the number keeps on increasing. YouTube also provide opportunity to make your brand marketing viral.  In addition, videos help in engaging and entertaining your audience more lively.

  1. Conduct Polls

Polling serves to be one of the most influential tools that can help you in knowing your target audience better than anyone. Marketers should heed towards putting an active effort to make polling apart of their social strategy.  Enticingly, through polls, you can take a direct approach in having feedbacks from your target audience and to cut down the costs that is associated with outsourcing companies for the sake of surveying to get product feedback. You can directly ask customers on social media about their views. People who have instantly followed your brand on social networks are most probably because of the fact that they think good of your brand and are more likely to give you honest and descriptive feedback on how you should improve your product.

  1. Encourage Reviews

What would be your answer if I ask you what is the first thing you are inclined to do when you are exposed to any product or service ad?  Let me give a try to figure it out! The first thing that pops in your mind is to check Reviews. It is a fact that we intend to purchase a product or go for a service when we have developed the element of trust for that particular offering. We first search for the positive reviews online as it ultimately strengthens our trust for the brand, which influence our choice whether to opt it or not. “It is stated by that 90 % of consumers are vigorously following their peer suggestions and opinions while only 33 % people go with the ads they watch.”As people get inspire when they come across constructive experiences of people pertaining to a brand, place or a service.

  1. Keep Yourself Updated with Prevailing Trends

If you are serious about the active engagement of your target audience then you will more likely to encourage discussion and posts on topics that are part of the “Hot Trends”. It is quite crucial to keep yourself updated with what people are currently talking about and what is the center source of inspiration for them.  For Instance, if a logo design service has launched a new exquisite trendy design then you must be aware of it and instigate a post regarding its popularity. You should try to align it with your branding objectives and make sure that you do not leave yourself behind in talking about current trends. The key is to enhance active collaboration with your target audience.

Social media marketing in branding your product is done by many, but only few knows the result driven hacks that can take your branding to next level! Do let us know which one of the above listed techniques lures you the most. Comment below and let us know.