The secret to being in business and remaining a success has everything to do with your customers. Without customers, you wouldn’t have a business at all. Discerning customers appreciate and notice when businesses show gratitude and many times, it will turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer instantly.

It’s important to recognize your customers with gifts to show appreciation from time to time. The holidays can be especially stressful with increased business and higher demands so having simple handy gifts already planned is an excellent idea. Whether it’s during the holidays or for no occasion at all, giving a handy and thoughtful gift can not only keep current customers but will surely encourage customers to tell others about your generosity and thoughtfulness. It is always a good idea to show gratitude to those who support your business.

The biggest question is probably what types of gifts are even appropriate for clients. Gifts that are too personal can be awkward but impersonal gifts will usually end up in a drawer or in the trash. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can find the perfect balance between the two and make quite an impression.

There are some tips to consider prior to beginning your shopping trip. With your client base in mind, ask these questions:

Are you able to connect on social media with your clients?

Social media is a great source of information for your business clients with ideas ranging from popular restaurants, music events, and other interests. There are many different social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Consider What Industry Your Clients are In

This is really important. You want to keep the thought behind your gifts in the professional arena so choose something that relates to whatever industry or job field your clients are in. The fact that they are a client already lends some information. Meaningful gifts that stay within professional boundaries will definitely be a hit.

Consider Your Client’s Personal Interests

Try to think of gifts that your clients can use when they are relaxing or enjoying off-time. “Thank you” gifts for your clients don’t have to be specifically for the office. A gift that always shows meaning and appreciation is one that a client can take home to the family and enjoy together. The most important thing is letting your clients know that you appreciate the business relationship that you have built.

There are too many amazing and affordable gifts that you can give your clients ranging from just a few dollars to $100. Think of things that your clients would appreciate and probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Here are five handy gift ideas that are sure to impress:

Universal Travel Adapter

Many of your clients are professional people themselves and probably travel quite regularly. When they are traveling, staying in strange hotels, and living out of suitcases, it isn’t difficult to misplace phone and laptop chargers. A universal travel adapter is something that always comes in handy.

This type of adapter also comes in handy for those clients who travel internationally because it is generally compatible with electrical outlets in over 100 countries. Many of these adapters have at least four charging ports as well for convenient charging of all microUSB accessories at once.

Kindle eReader

A Kindle eReader is probably one of the most flexible and widely accepted devices on the market. Inexpensive and wi-fi compatible, a Kindle eReader offers your clients convenience on the go. They are able to download and read thousands of books, magazines, and manuals with a click or two. With a Kindle eReader, your clients can read the newest bestsellers or old favorites no matter where they are. Thin and lightweight, the eReader can be carried anywhere in a purse or briefcase. Battery life lasts up to a week. Your clients will enjoy your impeccable taste while they enjoy endless hours reading on the Kindle eReader.

Edible/Enjoyable Gifts

Some of the greatest gifts that you can give to your clients would include the wide selection of edible gifts such as KCup Gift Boxes which are available with bisquits and cookies, Harry and David Gift boxes offering the finest fresh fruit and snacks, Edible Arrangements, beautiful artistically crafted fruit baskets with arrangements of fruit that are cut in shapes like flowers, along with many other elegant and enjoyable ideas. Most of the time, these gifts are filled with the finest fruits, foods, snacks, and drinks and your clients will appreciate that they would probably never splurge on themselves with such extravagant gifts. Edible gifts are also great to take home to the family.

Luxury Office Gifts

Always a hit with clients are those office essentials that they also would probably not buy for themselves, especially when they are monogrammed. For example, simple note pads can become artistic and elegant when they are cased in chrome and monogrammed with your client’s initials. Or note paper that has been embossed with your clients’ initials or other meaningful information. Engraved pens are also classic gifts that last for years and show your clients that they are important to you. Business card holders come in every imaginable shape and material allowing your clients to demonstrate their individuality in the professional arena.

Essential Oil Diffusers and Burners

Nothing is more pleasant or calming than a pleasant mood-inspiring fragrance in the air. There are a wide variety of diffusers and burners available that hold enough essential oil to scent large areas. Many come with lights as well including dimmers and different colors for a total calming effect. One of the advantages of a diffuser is that your clients can create their own ambiance to suit their own preferences.

Regardless of what you choose to show your appreciation, let your clients know that you are sincerely grateful for their patronage and want to take the opportunity to give something back. Make sure your gifts are meaningful and, above all, sincere.