5 Helpful Business Tools For Managing Your Small Business


Getting organized is one of the most powerful steps a new business owner can take to manage and maintain control of his/her new business venture.  Success is also tied to a solid business sense and proper organizational skills.

Building and maintaining a small business from the ground up is a massive undertaking.  Owners must have a relentless drive to conduct business and do it with integrity to thrive in the dog-eat-dog world of supply and demand.

For an extra boost in efficiency, try utilizing some of the best technological management tools available.  Check out these helpful business tools that will help to manage the everyday operations of a small business better.

Organizational tools

Trello – It is similar to Post-it Notes.  Trello will organize projects into boards, and then break them down into smaller task cards.  Create cards for every step of each process to more easily track progress.

Evernote – Though it is traditionally sought out for its note-taking capabilities, Evernote can also be used as a task management program.  Use templates to create new projects and then mark them as active or complete.

Zipline – A task management and communication tool, but with retailers in mind. Engage your stores and improve execution through an intuitive, centralized solution that provides real-time visibility.

Google Calendar –  Anyone who has a Google account can utilize Google’s Calendar tool.  The layout is super easy to understand, and the calendar is highly interactive.  Color code appointments and add meeting locates with the touch of a button.  The best thing about Google Calendar is that it syncs all calendar events to every mobile device signed into Google’s platform.

Marketing and Operations

Vyopta – Vyopta has business owners covered on all grounds.  Almost any function of business is facilitated by the integrative Vyopta programming.

MailChimp – MailChimp is one of the best marketing tools around.  This platform facilitates mass email marketing campaigns.

Accounting and finance management

Freshbooks – This program is perfect for beginners.  Freshbooks facilitates online invoicing, expense tracking, and time management assistance.

Wave Accounting – A free program that will help manage all business finances and spending trackers.  Keep track of all business related receipts throughout the year to better manage tax time.

Expensify – Concentrate on more important business issues while Expensify takes care of all the technical mumbo jumbo in finances.

Customer support

ZenDesk – ZenDesk provides a super efficient customer service interface that will help employees streamline their response times to those in need.

GetSatisfaction – This is a great interactive platform for working live with their clients.  It allows the ability to receive valuable feedback from customers.

Human Resources

ZipRecruiter –  This program provides an excellent platform for sifting through qualified job candidates.  It puts applicants on a strict screening and point-based process of elimination.

Intelius – Intelius allows employers the ability to perform background checks on employment candidates.  Look deeper into a person’s background to decide who best fits the company.

Fond – Fond is a human resources program that will organize and facilitate employee rewards programs and numerous other discount features.