5 Key Outbound Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses


In recent years, there has been a resurgence of outbound marketing after seemingly being overshadowed by “inbound” techniques in the wake of the Internet and online SEO strategies for a time.

While the exact demarcation between outbound and inbound approaches is not easily defined, in general, outbound marketing is focused on reaching “out” to the potential prospects rather than just waiting for them to be drawn “in” based on bare content marketing.

Below, we’ll look at 5 of the most valuable approaches for your outbound marketing campaigns, along with some tips on how to pursue them:

1. Telemarketing

Done right, marketing over the phone can be one of the most effective methods available to small business owners.

Time your calls early in the morning or in late afternoon, when people are not quite “into” the work day or just winding it down – or any other time you’re less likely to seem like a mere interruption. Also, use a more conversational tone to avoid sounding pushy or “salesy.”

Consider investing in a telemarketing service, like Ameridial’s outbound call center, which will make it less time-consuming for you to organize all manner of outbound calls, including promotion of new products/services, announcement of upcoming sales events, win-back calls, marketing research, welcome and reminder calls, and more.

2. Direct Mail

Using a local list of prospects and past customers, you can cover an area with an effective direct mail campaign for a reasonable price and get a much higher ROI than with most online ads.

Plus, direct mail often reaches prospects who don’t browse the Web much – just like telemarketing or any other unique method tends to generate unique leads.

Sometimes, business owners tend to overlook direct mail or think it costs too much, but that’s a mistake. It can pay big dividends and build up your local customer base.

3. Special Events

Contact by voice or by mail is great, but what about in person? Putting up a booth at a trade show, setting up new product exhibitions in-store, or holding an advertised online webinar can all generate strong leads.

The variety of events you can schedule is limited only by your own creativity, and you can use telemarketing campaigns to advertise for your special events, thus combining two approaches into one!

4. Email Advertising

Almost everyone has email, and most people check their email accounts at least two or three times a day. Send out quality ads that are well targeted, and they’re not likely to end up in the spam folder but actually be read.

You can gather email addresses through your website whenever someone places an order or by requiring an email entry in pop-up windows for newsletter subscriptions or special offers. Over time, you’ll gain a valuable list that can be segmented based on demographics or past buying habits to enable “smarter” targeting.

5. Content Syndication

You can do content syndication online where you advertise on the websites of other businesses that are complementary (not competitive) to your own.

You can also do the same basic practice offline by teaming up with related but different businesses and mutually agreeing to advertise in each other’s brick and mortar location and to give each other regular referrals.

The great thing about this kind of “syndication” is that it can be free for both parties involved, add value for your customers, and gain you new revenue streams all at the same time!

These are 5 of the most important outbound marketing methods to use for your small business. Of course, there are many more and you should combine and balance outbound with inbound. But apply these five, and you’re off to a strong start!