5 Manufacturing Industries That Could Use Startup Disruption


Startups are always looking for new industries and sectors to venture into. There is so much competition in the digital and service sectors to create new products. It seems like manufacturing industries have been overlooked by some entrepreneurs. If you want to make a major difference in an industry, you should apply existing tools and processes in completely new ways. To combine these two opportunities, we have put together a list of manufacturing industries that could use some startup innovation. In these industries, you could either create new processes or use existing ones to apply to new markets.

Rethinking Metal Manufacturing

One of the oldest manufacturing sectors, the metals industry has countless applications from small parts to cars and planes. There are so many ways to get into the iron and steel business. With the right machinery, you can produce products for defense, renewables or automobiles. As the US continues to lower its dependency on foreign steel, it could be a perfect opportunity to find a new innovation in the metal manufacturing markets. With so many products dependent on these manufacturing processes, the large upfront costs could be paid over several times over in the long run. Certainly, this is a manufacturing industry that startups could disrupt in a major way.

Casting Concrete In New Ways

Another solid industry, the concrete industry still has it’s challenges of demand and supply. Startups have the unique opportunity to change how concrete is made, using different approaches to casting concrete. Since construction companies have a strong demand for concrete, an innovation in this sector could be worth billions. Especially if you are manufacturing domestically, this industry disruption could change how concrete is used on construction sites, outdoor sites and indoor foundations. If you would like to get into the concrete or construction business from a unique angle, this idea might be perfect for you. It would be an opportunity to cement yourself as an upcoming startup in a relatively established market.

Manufacturing In Bio-Engineering Fields

Considered a developing industry, manufacturing in bio-engineering still has plenty of room for innovation. Many bio-engineering manufacturers are producing customize pharmaceuticals for other companies. As medicine becomes more customized, there could be a major opportunity for manufacturers to create custom products. Moreover, bio-engineering startups could change the way these products are made altogether. Since there are fortune 500 companies investing in this industry, it could be a great way to align your startup with a growing market. More importantly, you might revolutionize how pharmaceuticals are produced and distributed.

Seeing Into The Future Of Glass

Moreover, the glass industry is responding to the digital wave of innovation. Rather than just projecting a new app onto glass, you can dive into the industry by cutting glass differently. By investing in used waterjets, you can cut glass at very high precision levels. As more hardware and technology companies buy different types of glass for their products, your startup can supply expertly manufactured parts for their products. Furthermore, the manufacturing process can be used to cut through materials similar to glass that also go into computers, phones and tablets. As you can imagine, a disruption in this market could warrant contracts from the largest companies around the globe.

Clean And Safe Food Production

More than ever, the food industry is under careful scrutiny from the public. People want to know if their food manufacturing has shifted to Mexico or is grown locally. Many food franchises are trying their best to improve the quality of their ingredients and sources. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this rising trend by improving how food is grown. Since people are paying attention to organic and wholesome foods, you can produce items that are fresh using safe methods. These types of ventures have the chance to bring cleaner and safer food to millions of people. Especially if you have experience in the food industry or farming, the opportunities to produce fresh foods are a worthy cause for a venture.

These are just some of the manufacturing industries that would pose a great opportunity for startups. They all have huge markets with far-reaching implications for a good innovation. If you already have the technology or ideas and are looking for the right industry, consider any of these. Or, think about getting into metal manufacturing as a business. Secondly, you can consider manufacturing concrete, pharmaceuticals or glass components. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to make cleaner and safer foods. All of these industries could benefit from further innovation and disruption. Your startup could be the venture that shifts how things are done on a global scale.