It is often common for people to desire a better life, a life of freedom and an unlimited life. One of the main means by which people achieve this is by building a business.

It is not an easy task to become a successful business owner because the odds are always against a business owner.

You have to take risks, overcome hard times and try to convince people to buy into your idea despite your competitors offering the same services.

In this article, we will go five minutes into the head of a startup owner and the important factors that make up his startup company.

  1. Cash flow: Cash flow is one of the most important elements that make up a business, cash flow determines how money enters and flows out of the business. A business owner who doesn’t take an account or monitor his cash flow will soon run out of capital.

A business’ cash flow tells if the business is making a profit, loss or have reached a break-even point. Cash flow is in fact, the blood of a business.

  1. Team: A startup owner most times is not a lone ranger, he has a team working for him, and they might be his business partner or hired by the business owner. The aim of a business owner is to take a set a piece of stone, fragment by fragment, to build a lasting structure. A web design company will surely have a backend developer, front-end developer, marketing team etc.

They want to achieve the same goal of bringing out a flawless and a fully optimized website.

  1. Marketing: Marketing is very important for a startup company. Imagine a company like Coca-Cola with an already established brand name still have a marketing team in place. A startup owner with little or no traction must build a strong marketing team to stay in the business.

A business owner must determine what makes his business unique and why. He must also derive a plan to defeat competitors and a plan to keep established customers always happy.

  1. Growth: Growth is essential for humans and it is also essential for a startup. A startup owner is always looking for various ways to expand his business, he may be thinking about bringing investors into his business or putting part of his profit back into the business to ensure that his business’ worth today is far greater than what it was yesterday.

A startup owner is always thinking of new opportunities, new deals and new markets for his products.

  1. Smart ideas: An idea is an important part of a startup, there is no business that started without an idea. Constant continuous flowing ideas such as using the Law of attraction, keeps a business stable as what works last year might be obsolete this year. A business needs new ideas to keep it afloat with the changes that happen in the society.

Smart ideas are one of the things a startup owner will continue to think of to make his business stay healthy and grow.


In this article, we have gone five minutes into a startup owner’s head. We have seen five important things a startup owner will probably be thinking of and why it is essential for his business. What are some of the important factors which are not mentioned in this article?

Please let me know in the comments section.