5 Modern Intranet Requirements For Innovative Businesses


Modern intranets enable businesses to meet industry standards. Unlike intranets in the past, modern digital platforms come equipped with advanced technologies. Business owners use these tools to adapt to market conditions and grow their workforces successfully. The top digital workplaces engage employees and keep teams on track with projects. More so, they offer a secure storage solution for company documents. Your company needs such a platform in order to thrive in today’s ever-changing business world. Read this post to learn about the top modern intranet requirements for innovative businesses.

Mobile Friendliness

Firstly, choose a modern intranet software system that offers mobile access. In today’s business world, remote work is trending. Contemporary companies employ both on-site and off-site workers. Both sets of employees need to collaborate with one another. Without a mobile friendly intranet, your remote workers cannot access company information or contact their colleagues easily. This drastically hinders a team’s productivity levels. In addition, a mobile friendly platform allows you to stay up-to-date on projects during business trips. These benefits make this modern intranet requirement essential for innovative companies.

Modern Enterprise Search

The best modern intranet solutions also include modern enterprise experience features. Advanced search engines make finding documents much easier for employees. They offer display cards so users can preview search results. Moreover, the top enterprise search functions allow workers to filter their search results. They can filter by department, access and even document type. The top solutions also come equipped with auto-suggestion searches. Search functions with auto-suggestion simplify the search process by filling in empty spaces for users. When you cannot think of the proper term for a document, you can simply input what you remember. The top search bars fill in the rest for you. These modern enterprise search capabilities enable workers to complete projects much faster. Invest in a platform with this requirement to achieve your business goals.

Company Forums

Moreover, the top innovative companies require their platforms to include company forums. Most businesses understand that the intranet definition revolves around internal communication and collaboration. Therefore, you need a solution with advanced communication features like forums. The top forums allow users to start new threads for different projects and/or concerns. Other team members with access to the intranet can then respond to each thread. Forums promote collaboration. They supply all workers with an outlet to communicate their ideas. Moreover, you can keep your ideas, project work and strategies organized in a forum. Include company forums in your list of modern intranet requirements.

Multilingual Capabilities

The most effective modern intranets offer multilingual capabilities as well. Innovative businesses strive to grow. Growth typically involves expanding into new countries. As companies expand on a global level, they face language barriers. Without the proper tools in place, this challenge can be difficult to overcome. Invest in an intranet software solution that solves this major issue for you. Intranets with multilingual capabilities use artificial intelligence technologies to deliver content in an array of languages. Employees from all over the world can read the same content at the same time. Grow your brand by hiring workers across the world. Take this step without the fear of dealing with language barriers. Require your intranet to include multilingual capabilities.

Document Repository 

Finally, demand a document repository in a modern intranet. The best repositories offer 24/7 access to authorized intranet users. Employees can alter documents whenever they need to. You can make changes to a company policy while on a business trip. A sales rep can update their strategies sheet while waiting for their next meeting. This feature boosts productivity. More so, document repositories enable other team members to access recently updated documents. They can stay up-to-date with the latest changes and use their insights to improve their own work immediately. Store company-wide documents along with department-specific content in a document repository to reap these benefits. Purchase a modern intranet solution with this requirement.

Keep up with the ever-changing market, grow your company and out-do your competition with a modern intranet. The best digital platform provides mobile access so workers can complete tasks from anywhere. Search for a platform with an advanced enterprise search feature as well. Company forums enable teams to communicate about various projects, topics and concerns in real-time. Moreover, find a solution with multilingual capabilities that prepare you for global growth. In addition to these requirements, demand a document repository for storing all crucial company content. Innovative companies require these modern intranet features and you should too.