5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why Businesses Should Provide Employees With Filtered Water

filtered water

Schools provide their pupils with drinking water because they know hydration is important. They’re trying to build the future leaders of tomorrow, so it’s quite strange when you don’t see businesses following this trend. If a company isn’t providing filtered drinking water for their employees they’re missing out on lots of benefits, so let’s have a quick look at them now. You’ll soon see the pros outweigh the cons by a large degree.

It’s Good To Keep Employees Healthy

Scientists at Markham Water Filters discovered something interesting. No matter where in the world you buy bottled water from it’s never going to be completely healthy, so if your employees are bringing their own water in they’re potentially harming themselves. Unless water has been through a filter it’s still going to contain lots of contaminants, so the only real way to guarantee your employees are getting the best water possible is by making sure it’s been purified. The Kinetico water softener is a popular abd affordable system for businesses and households, filtering both your drinking and using water system’s.

Productivity Will Go Through The Roof

What happens when your employees forget to bring their own water to work? They don’t have anything to drink and they’ll be sitting at their desk desperate for lunchtime. Although you won’t notice it when you speak to someone, if they’re not completely hydrated their productivity levels will drop. Once you start providing them will filtered water you’ll be able to see their output increase. If they’re working harder it means your company will be making more money every single day.

You’ll Be Helping The Environment

Let’s pretend for a minute you don’t care about the environment. The one thing you’ll always care about is your company, so doing everything you can to aid the environment will help with your reputation. Some of your employees will bring in recycled water bottles when they don’t have access to water at work, but did you know it’s useless? 17 million barrels of precious oil are already wasted every year to produce those bottles, so water purifiers really are the only solution.

It Doesn’t Actually Cost You Much Money

One of the reasons why you’re still in business is because you make more than you spend. That means whenever anything involving money comes up you’re right to be a little curious. Thankfully, it hardly costs any money to provide your employees with filtered water and you’ll make it back within weeks through the increase in productivity. It’s hard to give exact numbers because it will depend on the size of your business, but it’s so cheap you’ll not even notice the money is gone.

Making Things Easy For Your Employees

Do you know how hard it is to remember your water bottle every single day? There will obviously be times when your employees leave them at home. Having filtered water at work is a hundred times more convenient and your employees will have one less thing they have to think about before rushing out the door. If you can make life as easy as possible for your employees you’ll benefit it lots of little ways you’ve not even thought about before.

Filtered Water Is The Right Way To Go

There are far too many upsides to ignore. If you provide your employees with filtered water things will improve for the better. It might seem insignificant to you at this moment in time, but you’ve got to remember all those little things add up. It’s something you should look to implement as soon as possible.