5 Pitfalls to Avoid to Succeed at Android App Development


With the ever-growing smartphone user community, apps have become an integral part of everyone’s life. With Android acquiring a share of approximately 83% of the entire smartphone market globally, Android app development is a very lucrative career option for developers starting off in the market. If you’re a newbie or seasoned developer, we’ve compiled this quick Android app development guide to help you avoid the pitfalls that plague rookie developer.

Here are the 5 pitfalls to avoid in Android App development.

Pushing Market Research and Analysis to the Back Burner

While the idea of conceptualizing and building an Android app is a thrill in itself, don’t jump into it headlong without conducting market research. Market research and analysis, help you understand the existing demand-supply gap in the market, your competitors’ stand, and have a thorough understanding of your audience’s expectations. And, if you are letting this step slide away, it might cost you in a great deal as the intended audience might not take to your app.

Before actually building the android app, go ahead and identify the niche for which your app is intended, further segment the niche into clearly-demarcated groups to chalk out the essential features your app must have and do a real-time analysis of how your app may resonate with your target audience.

Overlooking Platform Guidelines: A Big NO!

With android app development being a native app development, considering the platform guidelines is a must. Make sure your app is platform-compatible to ensure that you’ll generate positive app reviews.

Making A Me-Too App

According to a study, approximately 194 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2018. It clearly indicates that first impressions are the deciding factor for your app being opted by the users. With an aesthetic design, easily navigable menu and sophisticated functionalities, your app may pass the muster. But, when it comes to the differentiating factor if your app already resembles a lot of other apps in terms of functionality or look and feel, the uninstalls may mount up.

Wondering, how to make a difference? Well, start with a rigorous and extensive competitor analysis and try to identify the gaps and pain points which would make your app’s concept more intriguing. The idea must be to bring something new on the table, that offers a unique value proposition to the end-user.

Ignoring User Experience

Customer satisfaction is a crucial metric to measure business success. Similarly, your app’s success relies substantially on the user response towards your app. Your app might be on a smartphone or a tablet or other devices and if your app fails to render a seamless experience irrespective of the device or platform, you might lose a fair share of the omnichannel user base.

Ease of use is the most prominent feature that devices the acceptability of your app. If the users need to dig through help guides and tech journals to understand the functioning of your app, they might just decide against it and hop to the next easily accessible app. And, mid you, there is no dearth of apps, given the app development boom.

Not Testing Thoroughly

It is a usual tendency that app developers and agencies are in a hurry to launch their app as soon as the coding and development are complete, with just a subtle test-run. Are you making the same mistake? It’s always advised to run multiple layers of testing to make your app bug and error-free before going live.