5 Reasons Why You Should Engage An Experienced PR Firm To Take Care Of Your SEO Needs


In the current world where the convergence of the global internet has made the world so small that it perfect fits the moniker a global village. Information travels at the speed of light and a single tweet has the potentially of destroying a carefully built digital persona in a matter of minutes. With this being a reality it is therefore imperative that you have a full time presence on the internet monitoring social media in order to take care of your internet reputation. That is the hard option.

An easier option exists and one that if taken advantage of well will give you peace of mind knowing that all your interest are being well taken care of in the digital space. This option consists of using the services of the professionals. And by professionals I mean hiring SEO, Press Release, Social Media experts who will be tasked at taking care of your online reputation and answering all queries on your behalf.

For instance If you live in San Francisco, you will need a homegrown San Francisco PR firmto take care of your profile and here are some reasons why you should consider hiring the professionals;

  • Crisis Communications –Such a PR firm will take care of all your interests in the event that your reputation (individual or corporate) suffers a blow either due to unavoidable events or due to a coordinated attack on your persona by rivals. You need a homegrown solution that will contain the damage and place you back on the right track.
  • Reputation Management – This is in the same league as the first point noted above, but it is a more continuous process. In this case you need a keen eye to take care of your interests on a continuous basis making sure that your interests are prominently displayed in a positive light on the internet.
  • Media Relations – Such a firm should have great depth in media relations, this means that they should work on how to maintain your reputation in a positive light among influential media outlets. This they will do by using the networks that they have cultivated over the years.
  • Digital and Social – All the above strategies that an experienced media house can use to make sure that your best interest is served can both be done online and offline. But this aspect is purely digital, the firm in question will use Search Engine Optimization, SEO, best practices to make sure that your brand is managed, promoted and protected within the digital space through digital news outlets, social media and blogs.
  • Measurement and Analytics – This is the pie on the pudding of all the efforts mentioned above, more so the fourth point. It is important that you as a client fully see the return on investment, ROI. So your HR firm should have tools in place that shows the impact of their efforts to enhance your brand via set of tools that are easy to understand.

Author Bio

Tom Hickocks is a longtime SEO Consultant who advises Fortune 500 firms on the best way to manage their digital reputation by using SEO to their advantage. He has been at it for the past 12 years;he runs a successful San Francisco PR firm and is a longtime resident of San Francisco, California.