5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Powerful Copiers


Small businesses are anything but small in regard to their combined total impact on the US economy. There are over 25 million small businesses in this country, which account for 60% to 80% of all US jobs. Now that’s not small; that’s big.

Even with relatively small number of employees, small businesses find themselves in need of powerful equipment for certain tasks, including tasks handled by high-powered copy machines such as paper copies of various documents and other visual images. Photocopying is widely used in all sorts of businesses.

Here are 5 reasons why entrepreneurs may do well to invest in heavy-duty small business copy machines:

1. High-speed, High-volume Copying

Even small businesses can have times when they need to rapidly produce hundreds or thousands of pamphlets for customers, employee handbooks, direct mail ads, and other purposes. To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you cannot afford to get bogged down with routine tasks, letting them cut into your productivity.

Modern copiers are capable of shooting out high-quality copies every 2 to 3 seconds, doing more than one network scans per second, and saving you yet more time with automatic document feeders, auto-collation, and other convenient features.

2. Additional High-speed Tasks

Besides copying, scanning, and printing, top of the line business style copiers can do other small tasks fast so you aren’t paying your employees to do that instead of doing other critical production tasks.

For example, copiers can staple documents, prepare them for binders by punching two or three holes, fold pages three times to prepare them for mailing, or fold booklets and put in a saddle stitch. They can also handle card stock, not just ordinary copier paper.

3. Reliability and Low-maintenance

The whole point of having a high-speed copier is redundant if it keeps breaking down, getting paper jammed in it, or needs intense, constant maintenance just to basically keep running. Invest in the best, and you’ll get reliable service, very low maintenance needs, and thus, little interruption to your business tasks.

4. Professional-looking Documents

For the sharpest-looking, color or black-and-white copies that will present your business image in the best possible way to clients, potential clients and partners, you will need the most powerful and precise machines.

Copies should not easily smudge, have faded or off-tone colors, or have text that fades after just a few days. It’s no secret that for the highest quality ink, ink-paper adherence, color and image transfer, margin dimensions and straightness of text, you need the highest quality of copier.

5. Tax Write-offs

On top of all the other uses of high-powered, color copiers for small businesses, and all the many, varied business needs they can meet, you can write them off as overhead on your business taxes. That doesn’t exactly make them free, of course, but it at least amounts to a de facto significantly discounted price on a great tool that you already need.

In sum, you can perform business copying, scanning, printing, booklet-making, ad mail-out, and other tasks faster and more professionally with a top-tier copying machine, and then get a tax write-off. That’s a tough deal to pass up for small businesses that need to stay agile and fully competitive in a tough marketplace.