5 Reasons to Use Text Message Marketing in Your Business


If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to directly reach customers new and old, SMS marketing is for you. Customers respond to marketing texts in a way they just don’t for other kinds of marketing messages. 

Ninety-eight percent of marketing text messages get opened, and the convenience, brevity, and urgency of SMS and MMS marketing messages makes them much more appealing to consumers than email messages and more effective for marketers than print and TV ads. Here are five of the most compelling reasons to integrate bulk text message marketing into your business.

1) Increase Customer Engagement

The one smartphone app people get the most use out of is the MMS messaging app. Text messaging is far more popular than phone calls, with the average person sending about twice as many texts as they place phone calls. And they don’t just use text messaging to stay in touch with friends and family. Eighty-nine percent of consumers would prefer to connect with businesses via text message, and 90 percent of sales leads prefer to be contacted via text rather than via phone call.

So, customers are poised to engage with your brand, but they want to do it via text. Customers know they have to give your company permission to use their phone numbers for marketing texts, and they know companies are limited in terms of how often they can send marketing texts and what info they have to include to protect consumers. So most people have a high regard for text messages they receive from their favorite brands and companies, even when those messages are trying to sell them something. After all, customers know that opting into a company’s text message program will get them marketing texts — and in most cases, they want those texts because of the exclusive special offers and insider information they contain.

2) Learn More about Current Customers

Text message marketing gives your business a unique opportunity to interact with customers one-on-one in a format that isn’t invasive, intrusive, or disrespectful of a customer’s precious time. Most people prefer texts specifically because you can open and respond to them in your own time, rather than in real time like with a phone call. You can use a text message service for business — perhaps combined with an AI chatbot — to draw out loyal customers on an individual level, and learn more about what makes them so loyal.

3) Draw in More New Customers

A text message marketing program might not seem like something that would draw in new business, but it really is. If new customers like your business, they’ll want to access the same exclusive info and offers that your older, more loyal customers receive via text message. Maybe they’ll be interested in the ability to engage with your customer service reps or book and cancel reservations and appointments via text. Maybe they’ll want both. Once you’ve got them signed up, though, you can keep reeling them in with promotions they can’t get anywhere else, and before you know it, those new customers have become regulars

4) Save Money

Marketing is a significant business cost that simply can’t be eliminated. You need to advertise. But you can save money on advertising when you use text messages to do it.

It’s pretty cheap to send out a text message campaign. It costs a few cents per message, and the return on that investment is much higher than it is for other forms of marketing, so you’ll get much more bang for your buck. Many companies see marketing ROI skyrocket after implementing text message campaigns, even in industries where it’s notoriously hard to connect with customers and achieve conversions, like collections.

5) Monitor and Improve Your Campaigns

Marketing campaigns aren’t much good unless you can accurately track their performance and use those metrics to improve your next one. While it might be hard to gather accurate data on how effective a TV spot might be, for example, you can always collect all the data you need on your SMS and MMS marketing campaigns. Then you’ll always be able to make changes that boost your campaign performance and bring in larger returns and more sales conversions.

If your business isn’t equipped to connect with customers via text, you’re missing out on a communication channel that customers want to use to engage with you. Boost sales, increase brand awareness, and build strong loyalty with repeat customers using text message marketing. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business.