5 Reasons Why E-Commerce Jobs are Perfect for MBAs


MBAs used to be considered the pathway to management and leadership. It still teaches you how to manage a business, but you learn a variety of other marketable skills. In fact, MBA holders are primed for moving into newer sectors like e-commerce, and many e-commerce businesses are understanding the importance of hiring MBAs to improve performance. Here are five reasons why e-commerce jobs are perfect for MBA holders.

MBAs Teach the Skills E-commerce Companies Need

MBAs teach you the skills e-commerce companies need. This includes but isn’t limited to data analysis, product marketing, and supply chain management. This is why e-commerce giant Amazon is well known for snapping up MBAs. Other e-commerce giants hiring MBA graduates include Apple and eBay.

MBAs also learn the soft skills e-commerce companies still require such as providing excellent customer service. Getting an online MBA is a great way to learn the skills companies large and small need. This makes you a desirable hire for both established e-commerce firms and businesses moving online for the first time. Earn a degree with the right school and you’ll have access to a robust network that allows you to work almost anywhere.

The E-commerce Sector Is Growing

Traditional retail isn’t going away, but changes in customer demands are forcing it to change. However, MBA graduates should consider focusing on e-commerce because it has seen fifteen percent annual growth for the past five years.

We can expect that trend to continue because mobile phones are increasing the convenience of online shopping and increasing the pool of potential e-commerce customers. At the same time, international firms are moving into e-commerce, increasing demand for those who understand both international business and e-commerce. If you want to kick-start your career, do so in a fast-growing sector that has lots of room for growth.

MBAs Know How to Provide the Personalization Customers Crave

MBA programs teach you how to analyze the data to determine what each customer segment wants and needs and then market to them. It gives you an appreciation of the brand experience that is essential to maintaining customer loyalty. It teaches you about customer experience. You learn how to maintain a consistent, quality experience for every customer no matter what channel they use to reach your firm.

This is essential to maintaining your brand in a world where people can switch vendors by doing another internet search. The MBA thus prepares you to market to your customer in a deep, meaningful way that lets you stand out in a world of cookie cutter websites and apps.

You’ll also learn how to market to them better, increasing conversions at every step of the sales funnel. This way, you’ll be able to maximize the return on your marketing dollars. With enough data and good data analysis, you can understand their social behavior and shopping habits and predict what they’re going to do. Then you can recommend products they’ll almost certainly buy and keep them engaged with the brand. These outstanding skills are in demand with businesses who know this is essential to their long-term success.

It Can Help You In Other Areas of Your Life

E-commerce jobs are perfect for MBAs, but the expertise comes in handy in other areas. It gives MBA graduates the skills to promote their personal brand and increase their odds of landing a job. You can work to build awareness of your favorite cause or improve fundraising for a charity, allowing you to add projects outside of work to your resume. And if you earn an MBA, you have the skills needed to start selling your own product or service online. These experiences can also help you move into an e-commerce management role anywhere from large firms to charities that sell second-hand items online.

It Could Open the Door to Tech Careers

While a lot of MBAs would love to work with tech companies, they often don’t have the type of knowledge needed. However, with experience in e-commerce, this could help you fast track your way into tech careers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. One way many MBAs wanting to transition into tech do is work for retailers with a solid online presence. This gives them the experience and competence needed to catch the eye of Silicon Valley and move higher up the tech ladder


E-commerce is the ideal area for MBAs to work in. It leverages all of their knowledge, while it gives them almost unlimited opportunities. It also allows you to diversify your experience and be at the forefront of innovation.