5 Reasons Why Embracing Technology Boosts Productivity


Most businesses aspire to be productive, but increasing productivity is not always a simple task. Your employees are your biggest asset but shouting abuse at them or offering incentives as a reward for hard work doesn’t always work. You will be far more effective if you provide the tools they need to do their job faster and more efficiently.

Technology has changed the way we do business. The internet has revolutionized communication and made it easier for small businesses to reach a global audience. It makes sense to embrace technology that works with your budget, yet not all small businesses do. An estimated 50% of small businesses don’t have a functional website, yet an online presence is critical to business success. A lot of SMEs still rely on old-fashioned bookkeeping services to maintain their accounts, even though it is far more efficient to use accounting software.

Here are five reasons why your business should welcome technology solutions with open arms.

Boost Productivity in a Warehouse

Technology has revolutionized business in many ways, but nowhere is this more evident than in a distribution warehouse environment. Barcode scanners and automated packaging systems allow goods to be stored, packed, and distributed to customers quickly and efficiently. Instead of carrying out manual stock checks, you can use a barcode scanner to track goods as they enter and leave the warehouse. This improves efficiency and reduces losses.

Financial Management

It is very difficult to monitor cash flow and productivity if you don’t have your finger on the pulse. Without a good grasp of a business’s finances, it is impossible to know whether business is booming, or you are barely holding on with your fingernails. Accounting software has numerous tools beyond simple bookkeeping capability. Run cash flow forecasts and analyze which client accounts are overdue. Popular cloud-based accounting products also can be used on mobile devices, so you can update your accounts from anywhere. There is no need to buy software these days. Subscribe to a cloud-based service instead. It’s cheaper and also easier to share data with other people in the business.

Stay Connected

Use technology to stay connected with members of your team. Instead of picking up a telephone, you can chat with the team via Slack or Skype at any time of the day or night. Use cloud-based collaboration tools such as Google sheets to share data and work on documents. These are updated in real time each time one person edits the document. It is a far more productive process than emailing documents back and forth.

Sign Up for Productivity Course and Leadership Classes

Business owners can all benefit from further education. Maintaining continuous professional development is often the difference between an ineffective leader and an inspirational one. Use the internet to improve your skills and keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Don’t ignore technology, even if most of it wasn’t around when you started your business. Technology is designed to help you and improve productivity, which can give you the edge in a competitive business environment.