If you’re a business owner looking to expand the horizons of your business, then the Internet will be an integral part of your strategy. Whether your marketing strategy depends purely on social media or you’re going to resort to a good old website and blog, there’s a term you’ll soon have to get comfortable with, if you aren’t already: search engine optimization.

According to a search engine specialist from Kick Media Brisbane, there are two main reasons why you should care about SEO: “First, because it helps you give your visitors a great experience; the kind of experience that will entice them to recommend it to their friends. Second, SEO is a way to ‘talk’ to the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You’re giving these search engines important information about your website, so you can help them rank it. If you give them enough of the right information, you’ll find yourself at the top of page one of the search engine results.”

That said, you might still be a little skeptical about why you should care at all. What is it about SEO that will help take your business to the next level? Well, Carpenter has five reasons.

1. Optimizing User Experience



“Many people think SEO is all about search engines when it’s really all about people,” says. Carpenter when asked to comment on the issue of user experience. Good SEO will help you carve out a great user experience for your visitors by providing them with quick and useful solutions to their problems.

2. Maximizing Your Reach


Search engines like Google have the trust of the majority of Internet users. When they search a keyword or phrase, they’ll believe that whatever appears at the top of the results page is the best answer to their problems. If your business is at the top, many users will be interested and click on the link. Provided you offer a good product or service, they will recommend you to their friends both via word of mouth and on social media. You reach multiplies quickly as a result of this.

3. Greater Conversion Potential


The whole point of Internet marketing is to attract a large crowd of people to your page so that even if a small percentage of them are ultimately interested in your product, they will still be a sizeable number. Good SEO improves those percentages. By targeting the right keywords, you can make sure that your visitors are people who were already deeply interested in your business to begin with, thereby increasing the chance that they’ll be converted into paying customers.

4. Exposure for Your Brand


Remember what we said about the blind trust people have for search engines? If your business can consistently make it to the top of search engine results, then your brand will be exposed to more people, and this will lead to massive brand awareness.

5. Insight About Your Customers


With good SEO, you will inevitably see a surge in visitors. With the help of analytical tools like Google Analytics, you can measure this larger crowd to gain even more and better insights about your customer base, enabling you to make better marketing decisions going forward.