According to Sales for Life, average annual spend on sales technology is $3,894 per rep per year.

In order for companies to not spend large sums of money for nothing, it is important to choose only relevant solutions that are able to pay off.

Moreover, purchasing relevant solutions, companies can save thousands of dollars, as each tool will one way or another help sales teams to get leads, thereby providing businesses with advanced ROI rate.

To help you choose the best sales software, we created our list of six sales intelligence tools. Using them, you will be able to raise your sales departments’ productivity to the maximum and get the largest amount of quality leads:

  1. Webspotter
  2. Outreach
  3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  4. Yesware
  5. Crystalknows

1. Webspotter (Website Platform Checker)

Webspotter is a sales intelligence tool and a website catalog. The program collects information on the technologies used by various sites, and the teams can later use this data both for lead generation and competitive research. For example, you can find:

  • List of websites using WordPress
  • List of websites using Wix
  • List of websites using Magento
  • … etc

As a tool for lead generation, Webspotter helps companies find potential customers with the help of technology search.

For example, if you are a software developer offering Magento-based solutions, the tool allows you to find all e-commerce businesses using the Magento CMS.


As a competitive research solution, Webspotter helps companies find out which sites use the competitors’ technologies. As a consequence, teams can entice customers from their direct competitors.

The main advantage of Webspotter is that the tool is very easy for usage since you may find quality leads in just a few clicks.

2. Outreach (Sales Engagement Platform)

Outreach is a customer engagement platform which offers a range of features that may improve the productivity of a sales department.

The functionality of Outreach seems so wide that it is easier to list features which are not presented in the tool than those that are.

For example, your sales may create automated and personalized email campaigns, centralize prospecting, automate inbound lead handling, and customize lead workflows.


Also, the tool helps teams schedule meetings, automate renewal campaigns, and even manage new job candidates.

So if you are looking for an integrated solution allowing you to manage the entire sales process, then Outreach is your choice.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Lead Searching Tool)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator was created to help businesses find leads and then implement social sales strategies.

Besides finding leads, the tool allows users to view member and company profiles, and then use shared LinkedIn connections to introduce themselves.


Built-in analytics features help to understand the state of your sales pipeline and provide information that can be used when users start to connect new leads and potential customers.

If you use LinkedIn to do business, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the platform that will help to make sure that all your sales strategies will be successful.

4. Yesware (Sales Productivity Platform)

Yesware, a sales productivity solution, allows users to track email open and reply rates, attachment opens, link clicks, and presentation pageviews.

With this data, you can improve your messages and campaigns to attract more and more potential customers.


All data is processed automatically, and you can later integrate it into the Salesforce CRM.

You can also create personalized emails that will be automatically sent to all contacts you are interested in.

So, if you want to automate your work with emails and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, give Yesware a try.

5. Crystalknows (Customer Behavior Investigator)

Crystal allows sales specialists to learn about each potential customer’s personality.

The tool provides users with psychological profiles that help understand customer’s communication style, motivation, and behavioral patterns.

Crystal combines social media and text analysis to compose psychological portraits of your coworkers, customers, and even candidates.


Thus, you can choose the style and tone of emails in advance and know what is worth emphasizing when connecting a potential customer.


In this list, we mentioned seven most promising and proven modern sales intelligence solutions.

Using these tools together or separately, your sales department will be able to quickly find quality leads and create effective strategies to make these leads your customers.

Your team members will also be able to automate routine work processes and have more time for closing deals and other significant sales activities.