5 Signs You Need to Work With a Contract Packager


Packaging is no longer an afterthought, put together with manufacturing and carried out as quickly as possible. Products are more complex and customer standards of aesthetics are higher, and consequently, packaging is much more important than before.

Because of this, contract packaging has become increasingly popular with businesses across the country. How do you know if you’d be better off using a contract packager? Look out for these tell-tale signs that show you should be looking at outsourcing this crucial task.

What is a Contract Packager?

A contract packager like cannonpacking.co.uk is a packing and packaging specialist. The company provides the skilled workforce and the equipment for providing packaging services to a high standard. These companies also offer facilities related to goods packaging, including automated systems and warehousing. Contract packagers may be general service providers or they may specialise in a certain industry such as pharmaceuticals or food products.

Here’s how you know you would be better off working with a contract packager.

  1. You Need to Cut Costs

Contract packagers operate with greater economies of scale with access to better equipment, more staff, and more materials than a business could provide for itself alone. If you want to cut costs without cutting corners, try a contract packager. You won’t have to invest in machinery or hire staff. You will also be able to effectively budget for your packaging with fixed fees and a set schedule of payments. Most businesses save money over the long term.

  1. You Want to Switch Your Packaging Whenever You Wish

With a contract packager, you do not have to stick with a standard style of packaging since it would be expensive to change your systems to accommodate new designs or functionality. You have more flexibility when you use a contract packager. You have many different options for packaging, which you can change as your business grows and develops.

  1. You Want Reduced Lead-Time

If you need a product off the shelves and in customers’ homes as quickly as possible, contract packaging is the way forward. You benefit from increased output and rate of completion. You can quickly get products designed and packaged in much less time than if you had done it yourself. If you are trying to beat a competitor to the post, this option is much more effective.

  1. You Have Seasonal Peaks

You don’t want to hire staff then lay them off when your holiday or busy season is over. If you have seasonal packaging needs, a contract packaging option is much more cost-effective than an in-house solution. You gain the flexibility of the outsourced service and lose none of the convenience.

  1. You Can’t Find the Right Staff

If you are always struggling to find people to work on your packaging who are reliable and hard-working, you need a contract packaging service. You improve efficiency, and you can also rely on working with trained and experienced staff.