5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups

Social Media

Social media platforms give you the opportunity to put your brand in front of millions of people. According to Wordstream, 75% of male Internet users and 83% of female users are on Facebook. Eighty-one percent of millennials check Twitter at least once a day, and about six-in-ten online adults are on Instagram.

Social media has become a way of life for most people and businesses. And with over 50 million businesses using Facebook Business pages, every startup should be on social media. In fact, 88% of businesses with more than 100 employees use Twitter for marketing purposes.

Use these five tips to boost your startup’s social media marketing efforts.

1. Share Quality Content

The content you share will be the foundation of your success. Take the time to create and procure quality content that your followers want to see. Insightful blog posts are great, but your audience also wants to see:

  • Images
  • Videos

Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without them. People watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook every single day.

Find and create content that’s related to your industry, and share it with your audience. Quality is always more important than quantity in the content department.

2. Create a Strong Social Profile

Strong social profiles will help build brand awareness and create a professional image for your startup.

Use branded cover and profile photos, and take the time to fill in all of the details on your profiles. Share a few updates (about 10) before you start trying to build your audience.

3. Share Personal and Promotional Posts

Many startups make the mistake of sharing only promotional posts on their social media accounts. Instead of making your social profiles look like one big advertisement, share content from other sources that would be useful to your audience.

And don’t be afraid to be personal. People want to know that there’s a human behind the brand.

Ankin Law Office LLC uses this tactic well. The firm shares its latest blog posts with followers, but it also shares helpful articles from other sources as well as personal photos and updates.

To use social media effectively, do more than just promote your products or services. Share great, valuable content with your followers.

4. Promote Your Other Social Media Accounts

Most businesses have one social media platform that outperforms the rest. If you build a larger following on one account, ask members to connect with you on your other accounts.

Cross-promotion of your social media accounts will help you build a larger overall following.

5. Use Social Media to Improve Customer Service

According to a survey from Hootsuite, 59% of Americans think customer service through social media has made it much easier to get issues resolved and questions answered.

Twitter and Facebook are both great avenues for customers to ask questions about your brand and voice their concerns about issues they might be having with your products or services. Do not ignore these comments. Offer a prompt response, and be as professional as possible.

Even if a customer leaves a complaint, responding to his or her feedback will show that you care about your business and want to make improvements.