5 Startups You Are Going to Hear From in 2018


The world of startups is fast paced and extremely competitive as turning a company into a success can result in immense financial rewards. Trends in culture shape the way startups arise and recently there have been huge advances in the house and home industry. With the economy booming in some aspects people have expendable income that they want to use to increase their quality of life. These improvements can range from aesthetic renovations to energy saving improvements that can end up paying for themselves in money saved monthly. Below we will delve into startups in a variety of areas of that can and will make life easier.

Clara Lending

The home buying and selling industry has recovered from the collapse in 2007 with many housing markets steadily improving year after year. The crash ended up making homes much more difficult to buy as far as paperwork goes as well as lending limits for certain incomes dropping immensely. This has given rise to companies like Clara Lending where CEO, Jeff Foster who has worked on housing policy reform for the treasury department aims to help those taking out mortgages make informed decisions. A streamlined process is what Clara Lending offers as well as financial education littered along the way. Educated borrowers will understand what they can actually pay each month instead of taking the largest loan that a lender will give them. This is the perfect example of creating content that will educate customers into making the best decision for themselves and their families. This instills a sense of trust between the company and consumer which could not be more valuable.

Blink and Ecovent

Digital assistants like that of Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa are commonplace to see in homes of various income levels. Home security is an area where many people utilize smart home capabilities. Blink was recently acquired by Amazon and gives the user the ability to put a small motion detecting camera in their home. When motion is detected the user is given the ability to set off the alarm. This industry will continue to boom as it is becoming more cost friendly with many people already willing to pay any price to ensure their family’s safety. Look for companies to continue offering better and better home protection. This will drive the prices down for some of the best technology home security has to offer which is exciting for the consumer in the future. Office security is another huge concern especially for those storing sensitive information. A small investment in security is well worth it in comparison to important files or information being stolen due to a poor security setup.

Another of the huge areas that is boom in home and office automation is that of energy savings. Consumers are much more aware of their carbon footprint and are looking to conserve energy at home or in the office. The extra perk associated with this is the savings that can come on the electric bill on a monthly basis. Businesses utilizing this type of technology can leverage this in newsletters allowing customers and prospects that the company puts the environment first. Ecovent allows a home to regulate its temperature in the most efficient manner possible. This allows the user to monitor temperatures in individual rooms which allows the closing and opening on vents as needed. This can be perfect for the office as the ongoing war between staff at many companies over the thermostat can become quite contentious.


Far too many US cities with a high cost of living cripple budgets of those people working entry level jobs. The process of finding a roommate immediately when moving to a new city simply does not work out for many young professionals. Shared housing has become increasingly popular due to these factors which has startups popping up in this niche in order to make it easier as well as profit in the process. Businesses often times use shared offices for smaller startups or offices they can rent out for a few days a month when clients come to town.

Starcity is a San Francisco based startup for shared housing which has pitched its platform as a remedy to social isolation. It is not a surprise that San Francisco has this type of startup as rental prices in the bay area are some of the highest in the country. Starcity allows renters to sign shorter leases that can be much more flexible than a traditional lease. The rentals also come furnished, with Wi-Fi, and power set up so no need to worry about new account costs or security deposits for utilities. A room with several partitions can cost the renter $1,000 a month which allows the renter to save money instead of putting a majority of each paycheck away for rent. Those freelancers or small business owners can turn this into their office as well as home saving money at an incredible rate.


Shared housing has also been joined by shared office space as well as meeting rooms as the financial commitment for a lease might be too much for a fledgling company. This gives a company the ability to be seen as legitimate without crippling cash flow simply to impress clients. There are even services that will come pick up items to be stored whether you live in Seattle or in and around Portland called Livible. Companies or individuals can pay for their storage items to be picked up. This can be extremely valuable as it is far more budget friendly to store excess instead of opting for a larger office space.

These startups are going to change the way people live, consume energy, deal with clutter, and protect their families. Businesses and individuals can benefit from the above setting these startups up for success!