5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Product Packaging Design


Product packaging plays a huge role in a successful and sustainable food industry operations. Packaging also plays a role in pharmacy, manufacturing and many other sectors. However, it can be challenging for manufacturers to choose the right packaging materials to meet their business needs despite the variety of choices that are available in the market. Even though you may have put your blood and sweat while perfecting your product but it would not sell well if the packaging is of poor quality. The first thing customers look for while going through the shelves is the package and if it is of poor quality, they will also form a negative impression of the product. There are many ways you can select designs such as going through labels online and other techniques but some of the things you should know before going through the packaging designs.

  1. Branding Strategy:

The important thing is to know about the details about your product and how it is aligned with your existing brand. You need to create a solid branding strategy and develop your packaging accordingly otherwise it will affect your brand’s image. You can get help from packaging solution companies, like Zenpack, that are experts in design, production, and logistics and can help you achieve your strategic, brand-aligned package design. Depending on the product that you are packaging, you need to know whether you will stick to your corporate branding strategy or market it separately. If you want to create a packaging design that is similar to your existing products, it will be better to stick with the corporate strategy and hope that the branding of your product will be enough to sell the product. However, if you plan on introducing a unique design, then you should market it separately because it generates interest based on its features which will enable you to capitalize on.

  1. Design Selection:

Your product is the most important part of your brand and the packaging is the next important thing. You should keep your product in mind when choosing the packaging and choosing the right design. Such steps will make sure that your packaging design is in line with your product so that the product can have the maximum effect when it comes out to the market for sale. You should always prioritize your product so that it does not contradict it when the packaging design is finalized. You can also incorporate your corporate colors to the packaging so that your packaging reflects your brand and the product as well.

  1. Practicality & Functionality:

The next time you purchase something, notice the packaging design that is used. While designing the products, you should keep the practicality in mind so that the customers can adjust to it and do not spend too much time simply removing the packaging. However, you should be careful that it is not being overdone in terms of design leading towards impracticality. The same principle applies when you are expanding your product line or when you are adjusting to meet the rising demand. You should think about the future so that the changeover is easy to automation or simple products will be easy.

  1. Production:

Another aspect that is overlooked in the packaging design is the production process itself. You may have a general idea about a particular design but when the production process starts, you might realize that the idea is not practical at all and it will be too late to think about a new design and will increase your production costs. You should take an account of the time it will take to create the product and the complexity of the packaging. You should also analyze all the types of reviews available and the speed at which you and your team will be able to get the job done with any options you have. You should discuss the production and the necessary time required with your supplier. If they have a solid understanding of your business, they will be valuable for your planning and vice versa.

  1. Safety of Product:

The last step when designing a product is to maintain the safety of it. At the end of the day, your precious cargo will have to be shipped and get to the market and off the shelves into the customer’s hands. Always focus on the safety of your product while designing the packaging. For example, if your product is heavy or delicate you may need to design a package that is both durable and guarantees protection when it is handled. There are many types of industrial packaging products that provide different types of protection such as static protection for your electronics which is crucial for minimizing the number of damaged goods.


To summarize, the packaging is necessary for promoting your products so that it sells well. Your packaging should complement your product since it will provide the maximum impact for selling purposes. However, you should know that overdoing will be not wise since if you cannot justify your products it will hurt your overall brand. Another aspect you should know is that you need to keep the security of your product in mind when designing your packaging otherwise you run the risk of damaging your goods since it will have to pass through several hands before it reaches the customers.