Dubai offers endless opportunities to new businesses looking to move from abroad, which is precisely why many family businesses opt to move to the United Arab Emirates to fulfil their dreams. Dubai isn’t as easy a place to setup a business as it sounds though, and it’s not just the business itself you should worry about, as there’s also you and your family that you need to consider. If you are strongly thinking about a move to Dubai to start your dream business, have a look at the following five additional points you must consider before taking the leap.

1. You Will Miss Your Family

You will need to be very motivated for a move to Dubai as you will not be able to come back to your native country to visit family until your business is established and can be left to someone else to manage for a few weeks. You may be able to move your family out with you in the process, but you are never going to be able to afford to bring your whole family out and that could cause you to miss certain family members during a long-term business plan.

2. Property Will Need to Be Found

Finding Apartments for rent in Dubai is relatively easy as there are many properties available, which you can find through websites like There are also properties being developed on a huge scale across the city. The problem with finding a property is that you will want one that is close to your business, and that could prove to be very costly for your whole family.

3. Hotel and Travel Costs

While you are in Dubai looking for a property, you will also find that the hotel costs for the duration of waiting for that perfect property can be hefty, so it’s important you consider all of the costs prior to moving. Another huge cost of moving is the travel costs, and it’s not just the people you will want to take with you as you will also want your furniture to follow suit. If you do decide that moving furniture to Dubai will be too expensive, you should remember that unless you find a property that is fully furnished, then you will also need to buy furniture, which is another costly expense to say the least.

4. You Will Dedicate Most of Your Time on Your Business

You will spend night and day making your business work so a Dubai getaway isn’t going to be the dream holiday you thought it would be. This means you will not get to spend much time with your family until your business established, and that could cause family members to get bored during their time.

5. Starting a Business in Dubai Requires Months of Planning

A move to Dubai may only seem like a dream at first but it’s very much possible to do if you plan to start a business in detail. You should consider everything from visas and work certificates to property and your finances for starting the business. It’s no easy feat but if you plan your venture it can be done just as thousands of others have shown.

There is nothing stopping you from packing your things and leaving for Dubai next month, but if you plan your venture in detail before you leave you will find that your business has a greater chance of success.