5 Things Your Business Website Should Have


Creating a business website is an essential part of attracting customers. When creating your business’s website, it’s important that you know all of the right factors when it comes to creating a good one. Leaving out certain features can result in a missed opportunity.

Not only does a good website make your business stronger, but it can make running your business that much easier. Take a look at some of the most important things that your website should include.

An Event Calendar

If you regularly host events at your place of business, then it’s critical that you have a calendar clearly displaying all of the upcoming dates. Your customers should know exactly what dates are coming up, and what time they should attend.

If you fail to update your event calendar, then you won’t have as much of a turnout. There is nothing less professional than an out of date website that doesn’t have the correct information inputted regularly.

About Us Page

Your business needs to be more than just a business. There should be a human face behind it and something that your audience can emotionally connect with. Other than a link to your social media page, your website should also have an about me section that gives you more of a human face.

This page can include everything from a breakdown of your expertise to your business history. Feel free to explain how you started your business and the process of how you got to where you are today.


In addition to telling your visitors who you are as a business, you should also show them who you are. Use images to show your visitors around your business that aren’t staged. Photos will help give a visual perspective to visitors who are looking to learn more.

Make sure that in the photos you post are clear and professional. Posting photos that are grainy or poorly executed won’t do your site any favors.

Clear Contact Information

It’s critical that the people who are visiting your page know not only who you are as a business, but also how to contact you. Your business address, as well as your telephone number, is something that should be clearly displayed on the page.

You should have an entire page dedicated to your contact information so that your visitors know how to easily get ahold of you or visit your store.

A Blog

Most online marketing experts recommend having a blog on your site to attract visitors. When you have a blog, people are more likely to land on your page who may not have otherwise landed there. Post relevant and shareable content, and you’ll make your site that much more attractive to visitors.