5 Tips for Maximizing the Money You Make with Swagbucks


If you’ve ever researched ways to make extra money online, you’ve likely come across a company called Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites for earning extra cash. By earning and redeeming points, you can make real money or you can choose to redeem your points for gift cards.

Swagbucks isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but you can definitely make extra money each month. Here are 5 ways you can maximize your time so that you can maximize your earnings.

1. Know How to Earn

Swagbucks is most known for offering paid surveys. By answering short surveys, users can earn points, which are known as SBs. But, providing feedback isn’t the only way to earn points. What’s really nice about Swagbucks is that there are many options for earning points.

Do you enjoy watching videos? You can earn SBs for watching short video clips and promotional ads. This is an easy and mindless way of racking up points, especially since you don’t need to be fully focused on the video.

Another way to earn SBs on Swagbucks is by using the search engine. Instead of using Google or Bing, you can earn points by using the Swagbucks search engine. The search engine is maintained by Yahoo! so you can expect good search engine results.

Other ways to earn SBs on the site include:

  • Playing games
  • Downloading mobile apps
  • Shopping using the cash back offers

You can even earn some serious points by referring friends. In fact, Swagbucks has one of the best referral programs, especially when compared to similar paid survey/task sites. To learn more about ways to earn points on the site, check out this recent review of Swagbucks.

2. Complete Tasks You Like

No one likes to spend their personal time doing things they don’t like to do. As a Swagbucks user, you can maximize your earnings by only completing tasks that you enjoy doing. Because the site offers many ways for users to earn points, you don’t have to spend your free time answering surveys or downloading mobile apps if you don’t want to.

Swagbucks can feel quite cumbersome if you’re completing tasks that you really aren’t interested in doing. When you start to get bored or tired of using the site, chances are you’ll give it up altogether.

To stay on track and to stay interested, don’t force yourself to earn points for the sake of earning them. Complete tasks that you enjoy doing and get on with your day. Remember, earning points doesn’t have to take up all of your time, and it shouldn’t!

3. Set Goals

Swagbucks won’t turn you into a millionaire, but if you dedicate the time and effort, you can make decent money using the site. Instead of blindly joining and earning points, set a goal ahead of time so that you have something to work towards.

Let’s say in the next six months you want to put an extra $200 in your savings account. In SB terms, this means you’ll need to earn 20,000 points in order to make $200 on Swagbucks (100 SBs is equal to $1). Breaking down the numbers, you’ll need to earn at least 3,333 SBs each month.

By having a goal, it’s much easier to stay focused and committed. As you start to earn some serious points, you can see that you’re getting closer to your goal. Plus, there’s no better feeling than redeeming your points for money and reaping the reward for all of the tasks you’ve completed.

4. Create a Schedule (And Stick to It)

Another way to maximize your Swagbucks earnings is to create a schedule and stick with it. If you know that Tuesdays are always booked for you but Thursdays you have plenty of extra time, build a schedule around that.

What’s nice about Swagbucks is that you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time, and you don’t have to be 100% focused on just answering survey questions or watching videos. Most users earn points while sitting on the couch watching or TV or when they’re on the go. You can easily multi-task while earning SBs.

By creating a schedule, you can ensure that you meet your monthly point threshold to reach your short and long-term goal. A schedule also helps to prevent burn out.

5. Use the Dashboard

Your home dashboard is a quick and easy way to earn some SBs. By taking the daily poll and completing the daily offer, you can effortlessly earn a few extra points. On your dashboard, you’ll also see daily goals. If you meet that daily goal, you earn extra SBs!

Be sure to check your dashboard often so that you can benefit from the daily point offers.


Don’t let your free time go to waste. Join Swagbucks to make extra cash each month! When earning points on Swagbucks, be sure to follow these tips in order to maximize your time and your earnings.