5 Tips for Reaching the Right Audience


Whether you’re wanting to begin an entirely new marketing strategy with influencers or just alter your current approach to gain better results, the most important thing is to ensure that your product is being marketed to the right people. It’s great to have the perfect campaign, but it’s even better to have it seen by those that would actually buy the product!

To get ensure your campaign is as effective as possible, consider these 5 helpful tips:

1. Define your marketing goals

This is the starting point of your campaign. You will need to really think about what you want to achieve from your marketing campaign to be able to understand how these objectives can be met. No matter your goals, influencer marketing can definitely help.

You may be wanting to increase content creation, or to improve brand awareness, encourage engagement, or to quite simply boost sales. By determining what you wish to achieve, you can steer the campaign planning in the right direction to suit these goals best.

2. Know your target audience

As we are talking about marketing to the right people, it’s vital that you take the time to understand your target audience. This means establishing not only their demographic but their interests too. You may already be working with analytics tools to understand the behavior of your audience, but it’s important to know more than just this.

Influencer marketing campaigns can take place across various different social media platforms, and use many different media formats and techniques. Every consumer is different, and certain groups will take better to different types of promotion. For example, TikTok is generally more popular among the Gen Z group, so you might not reach the older generation groups here. Although Instagram is generally the hub for influencer marketing, you may find that the location of your audience typically uses another platform.

3. Consider using nano and micro influencers

If you’re new to influencer marketing, then you may be thinking the bigger the better, right? But, that isn’t actually the case. Over recent years there has been a decline in celebrity advertisement and a shift towards working with nano and micro influencers instead – and for good reason! Companies are boasting an increased ROI and better engagement rates as a result of this switch.

Nano influencers have between 1k and 5k followers, and for micro influencers, it’s between 5k to 50k. What’s great about these influencers is that their followers trust them. As they have typically grown their accounts based on a hobby or an interest, followers feel that their content is more authentic. Because of this, we see higher engagement rates in these categories, whereby the audience interacts more with the influencers, showing a genuine interest in what they post.

These categories of influencers are particularly beneficial for accessing niche communities. You may be wishing to direct your product or brand towards a local audience, or towards a very specific group of people. As these smaller influencers tend to have a passion for an individual area, their audience will too. For example, if you are selling baby clothing, then you’ll want to target an audience that follows influencers in the ‘mommy’ content category.

4. Use an influencer marketing platform

You’re probably thinking – okay, so how do I do this? Well, the best method would be to work with an influencer marketing platform to find influencers using dedicated search filters. With a platform like Heepsy, you will be able to search for influencers by size, location, language, and many more filters. So, once you have your campaign goals established, you will know what you should be searching for.

For example, below you can see that from the dropdown boxes, we are looking for Instagram influencers from the beauty category, that are located in Spain.

As well as the search features, you can then analyze influencer profiles. This is a really important step because this is how you ensure that their audience fits perfectly with yours. Heepsy will show you insights about their audience demographics and interests, also giving you access to audience authenticity metrics. This allows you to understand whether the influencer may have ‘fake’ followers. Not only do we want to make sure you are reaching the right people, but to ensure you are reaching real people too!  

5. Use Instagram wisely

Finally, if Instagram is the platform you have opted for, then you’ll want to ensure that you are using it most effectively. One of the most overlooked methods of finding influencers is by looking through your own follower list. There’s nothing better than asking someone to promote your product, that you know already likes your brand. This can result in better quality content and a more reliable long-term partnership that you both benefit from.

After you have found the influencers you would like to work with, and decided on a plan for your campaign, you may want to consider hashtags. Not only are influencers a great way to reach a broader audience, but by incorporating hashtags into your campaign, this will help to spread content even further. Hashtags encourage engagement from audiences and are also a really great way to increase content creation through the addition of user-generated content. Audiences like to get involved in challenges and this could be a great addition to your campaign! Check out this post on the top hashtags of 2020, which goes over how to use hashtags most effectively.  


There are many more helpful tips that you can find for your next influencer marketing campaign, but hopefully this will be a great starting point. If you’re going to take anything away from this, then I’d say it’s to do your research. Hiring influencers may seem like a quick means to an end by asking someone else to create content, but this is not the case.

Influencer marketing works best when you have taken the time to carefully plan your campaign and ensure that it is being seen by the right audience.