Instagram is occupying the trend so rapidly, so it’s better to learn Instagram right now. It’s the most famous photo sharing app nowadays with lots of entertaining features. According to a survey, the monthly users of Instagram are 800 million and above while the engagement level is uprising daily.

All marketers are attentive; it’s your peak time. As the Instagram owners declared that they are introducing some new features of business tools like business profile, analytics, Ad creation from posts go directly into the app.

By understanding this brand-friendly features of the app, most of the marketers will get attracted and indulge in knowing and getting familiar with this fun loving app to enhance their business. It’s expected We are in the buffer now

Recently we were having so much entertainment by sharing, liking and understanding new techniques for the improvement of buffer’s Instagram account. As Instagram is a point of attraction for all of us now so it would be amusing to research methods to increase following in the app.

Time of the post:

While posting your images on Instagram you should be aware of these two things, first is what is your audiences time zone and the peak time they get a login on Instagram mostly. A survey measure claim that the peak time to share on Instagram is on Wednesday between the time range of 5.00 pm -6.00 pm. While the Instagram users are mostly activated during morning and evening, means going to work and coming back from work.

Whereas the best time to post for brands is the midnight time because the Instagram photo gets vanished in followers, feed within 4 hours, so at midnight 90% users are fully active.

The user-generated material should be shared:

Account operators told that they had improved their Instagram account by 60% within three months, their followers increase from 5850 to 9400. But this was due to the result of understanding and sharing user-generated content.

You can get the user-generated content in this way: most brands collect best of the best user content from different websites and modifying it on their social media platforms with the credits of the original writer.

Hashtagging must be creative:

As Instagram posts are not completed until they have a hashtag in their captions. Make sure our hashtags are creative, interrelated and obvious to the reader. Scatter your story in different words, mix it up and deliver it to your audience. Make it appealing, creative and funny instead of bogus words. A mutual workspace company WeWork is efficient in posting content with the blend of fun on Instagram.  

The accurate the hashtag is, the best will be the image of the brand to a wide targeted audience. While Instagram users don’t get bored with hashtags as compared to other social networks where they get exhausted with the same trend.

In short, hashtags quality and way of expressing could be the best way to gain followers on Instagram fast. Maximum of 30 hashtags per post is allowed on Instagram, and a lot of brands utilises this limit wisely.


Tagging is a smart technique, the more you tag your followers on your post broader will be the audience of your post. Although the followers you tag must be appropriate for your post if you want to increase engagement with your post.

Some guidelines and warnings are issued on Instagram for publishers regarding promotion. There is an efficient and new technique I’ve found out in which they share the content of food tasting past event and ask their followers to comment on the post and tag a friend they wanted to share with.

Similarly, don’t forget to tag your friends to appear your post in their feed section.

Candid shots:

For second suppose your company’s Instagram account from followers point of view, the BTS’s shots, the building of your company, the working environments, or backstage shots. Sometimes your followers want to see that realistic, without edit pics instead of refined images.

Your Instagram account must enlighten your employees and their work. Even feature few of the faces to make your brand transparent with your followers.